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Apparently Paul McCartney has finally revealed the truth: he is like any other old fart nursing ancient grudges against his old partners and rivals.

> EXCLUSIVE Major buyers face losses as Colombia farmers fail to deliver.

Maybe when a cup of morning joe costs $15 we'll see people finally admitting we need to do something about

I love a slow weekend morning with nothing I have to do and a good cup of coffee to enjoy not doing it with.

I don't get it. First Google goes all out to destroy RSS, even killing an incredibly popular product to do it, then they announce they are 'resurrecting' RSS by building it into their browser.

? Did they like create a new Googlefied RSS that forces you to watch ads? Or is it a zombified RSS that eats your brains? What?

Oh well, I only use Chrome on my work machine because Jira doesn't work right with Firefox. So who cares?

When your calendar software reminds you, at the same time, that tomorrow is both Columbus Day and Indigenous People's Day and it feels like an entire culture war has been expressed in two alert popups.

Politics, Drug War, White People's Drug 

> A global fight looms over Kratom, a possible opioid alternative. The U.S. government has twice tried to classify kratom as a controlled substance, but public outcry and pushback from Congress thwarted those efforts.

What's going on here? It's simple, really. We have a potentially addictive opioid-like drug NOT being made illegal simply because the majority of its users are middle-aged white people.

This is horrible news, I just learned long time Bay Area SF fan Mary Kay Kare has passed.

A remembrance by my friend David,

Politics, Debt, French Revolution 

This article compares the current US Debt fight to the national politics of France right before the French Revolution – and the parallels are amazing…

> The U.S. Is Politically Bankrupt. For political reasons, powerful people don’t want the country to pay its bills. History shows all that could go wrong.

Politics, Populism 

Found this simple-truism in a reply to a reply about Populism to this orangesite post:

> [api] … Here's a good rule of thumb: if you are angry at someone about a condition such as high costs or unemployment, ask yourself if the people you are angry at have the power to act as decision makers in control of any of the decisions that led to that condition. If the answer is "no" you are angry at the wrong people.

Politics, Breaking Up is Hard to Do 

First: I'm not so sure that reducing USA influence in the world is a bad thing. Whether or not we are the 'best of a bad lot', we've certainly commited our share of Colonialist atrocities and otherwise made black and brown people's lives measurably worse in places.

But also there's a certain appeal to the thought of breaking the parts of the US with good economies (nearly all Blue states) off from the rest. Let Texas carry the financial burden…


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Politics, Breaking Up is Hard to Do 

> A Surprising Share of Americans Wants to Break Up the Country. Here’s Why They’re Wrong. The deleterious effects of a breakup would be enormous. A disaggregated United States would be instantly less powerful.

This is absolutely nothing new. I remember people both sides pushing a breakup of the US along political lines from when I was a kid in the 1960s.

A couple of thoughts on that…


Know someone pushing horse dewormer for ? Tell them to go to Brazil…

> Brazil's tragic ivermectin frenzy is a warning to the US, experts say.

Weather isn't cooperating around here, but the Draconids meteor shower is happening this week. And it's one you don't have to be up at 3:00 AM to see!


As a matter of fact? There are two of them! The Arid meteor shower is also happening – and it's kinda the 'new kid on the block' as meteor showers go.


Note: Any Fediverse folk who decide to come through Highway 530 for fall color viewing can drop me a line if you want to meet me in Darrington for a beer at our local nano-brewery. Or at the Birdsview brewery near Concrete.

Oh, and also: There's fresh snowfall frosting the tops of the hills; hopefully a portent of a good snow pack this winter. Something we badly need given the unprecedented melting of glaciers this summer.

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Hey folks: the fall seasonal colors will be at their peak in the mountains this weekend! It's a good time to take a drive through the forest whilst sipping your pumpkin-spiced chai latte.

Weather forecast is rain, which is too bad; but by the following weekend the leaves will be dropping.

Suggested routes…

* South Sound: Head up towards Mt. Rainier

* Seattle/Eastside/Everett: Highway 2 up and back or do the Highway 530/Highway 20 loop

* North Sound: Head up towards Mt Baker

Governmental efficiency is more dangerous than governmental incompetence.

I appreciate the whole fediverse cheering Facebook being down.

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