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XKCD making the case for why a static web site will handle most of your use cases.

Today I am making frozen dinner packs from the pot roast I made yesterday. I'm also turning the leftover pot roast liquid into beef noodle soup, also destined for the freezer.

I take back one thing I said earlier: you can have arbitrary tags in OSX 10.9 or higher. But the way the UI works makes managing more than a dozen tags a real headache. And I still can't easily do text annotations, nor can I do links or picture annotations.

However, tagging in later OSX is possible and I think the search supports tags.

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There are alternative file browsers for OSX, some with really cool features, but the only one I could find that allowed arbitrary text tags is Leap.

I know nothing about Leap or it's developer, Ironic Software. Does anyone have any experience with it?

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Separately OSX Finder allows me to associate 'tags' with files fairly easily, but these tags are actually just colored dots, not arbitrary text values, and I can't search on them.

The underlying functionality is there and, on OSX, it is even used in a rudimentary way. But not in a useful way, so no one uses it.

What I want is a file browser that supports plugins for editing, displaying, and searching arbitrary data associated with files, with easy to access menu/toolbar support.

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On Mac OSX you can right-click a file in the Finder and chose 'Get Info'. That brings up a dialog box that shows you the file attributes and lets you change selected attributes. It also has a section for 'comments', which sort of allows annotation.

But it is crap to use. I can add a comments column to the Finder window, but it isn't editable there. In order to add or edit a comment it's a minimum of three clicks.

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I realized something this morning: I am ticked off that, in this day and age, no OS lets me easily annotate files or attach links to related files. It's been technically possible for years and many File Systems support data forks or other ways of associating non-file data with files.

But even in OS's using such file systems there's no support in the file browsers. Why the hell not? Why can't I add notes and links and pictures to files?

Weather report promised mixed rain and snow today, but so far all I've got is low clouds. It has warmed up enough to melt the frost that has been on the ground since early last week, but it's still in the low 30s.

I've got a huge pot roast going in the big crockpot. I started it this morning in some lees from my homemade wine and just now finished loading in all the vegetables, including the last of my garden potatoes. I also added a bottle of hard cider for more liquid.

A look at Seattle’s exciting pinball present and sketchy past.

Pinball in goes back nearly a hundred years. And for most of that century it was about gambling…

Today Seattle is the number two pinball city on the planet, coming in after Portland OR.

It's also true the job numbers seem really good right now, approaching full employment in the US.

However, those numbers, and other economic indicators, are coming from an administration with a problematic relationship to the truth. If it turns out they've been cooking the books, and private investment has been snookered into keeping the stock market bullish, we won't get an simple economic downturn when it happens.

Instead we might be looking at a full-on crash.

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Warren Buffett is sitting on $128 billion, raising questions about whether the market is overvalued.

One thing is clear, the smart money (like Buffet's) is not in the stock market right now, it's been pulled back into safer investments. (I did the same thing with my 401K funds two years ago.)

And yet the stock market appears to be doing well. I'm not sure how to read this, but it seems like unwarranted optimism to me.

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Legg Mason Says Probability Of Recession Is Now At 50%.

Generally, but especially among conservatives, there is a narrative about how the is doing good. Yet, in real day-to-day terms it doesn't seem that way to me. I see too many folks struggling.

Based on my experience with economic downturns, it's felt to me like we were at the edge of a recession for at least the last two years. I guess some economists agree.

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The job no GOP senator wants: 'I'd rather have a root canal'.

So, what job in the Senate is worse than a root canal for a Republican? Chair of the Ethics Committee. THE ETHICS COMMITTEE.

No joke. This is beyond parody. I'm completely out of words here.

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If you follow the poll aggregates on Five Thirty Eight you might already have noticed this, but the aggregate polls on impeachment did something interesting lately.

Up until three days ago the 'do support' and 'don't support' numbers were converging towards 45%; leaving 10% as fence sitters.

In the last three days the numbers have diverged again, bigly. Fence sitters are down to 8% and a number of 'don'ts' have clearly become 'dos'.

To all #Rust programmers on #Linux that want to use the kernel's new pidfd feature to asynchronously await on many child processes from the same thread -- reliably -- I've released the [pidfd] crate, which achieves precisely that.

Note, however, that Linux 5.3 is the minimum requirement to use this crate. Linux 5.4 is required to get the exit status from terminated processes (use the `waitid` feature).

Testing would be highly welcome!


The Rust font parser and shaping engine that my colleagues and I have been working on over the last two years was open-sourced today. Super exciting! 🎉 #Rust

Hot take: If you need a knife and fork to eat it, it isn't a sandwich.

While some kind of bready substance is required before you can call it a sandwich, just slapping on some bread isn't enough. You have to be able to eat it with your hands.

Therefore burritos, pastys and piroshkis are all sandwiches. Whereas a fancy hamburger that would dump all twenty ingredients out of the bun and into your lap if you picked it up is not.

Wow! It was really bright! I love how the color changes subtly as it becomes lit more by reflected earthlight than directly by the sun.

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