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Related: My ideology, if I can be said to have one, may be summed up as, "Don't be stupid. Don't be a dick."

Of course, the reality is I can be very stupid and sometimes I act like a dick. So, I guess these are more lifestyle guidelines than an ideology.

I just want to live in a world where no one is an asshole to other people on purpose; and where the acme of character is a willingness to apologize and make amends when you are an asshole by accident or simply not thinking things through.

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Re-posting an old toot…

All ideology does is determine the forms of authoritarianism the followers of that ideology are willing to adopt in order to promote and further their ideology.

Note to the wise: When you are talking to a rationalist, slogans do not an argument make.

Update: Turns out the party in power is hoping to push off 'the inevitable' to the party that will be taking power in 2024 by pretending it isn't 'inevitable' until they aren't the ones taking the blame.

> A recession is ‘not inevitable,’ Biden administration officials say. Top officials decline to say that a downturn will definitely happen.

Of course, all this really means is they don't have the stomach to do the right thing now and take the political hit.

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Edits… (I hate that I can't directly edit toots sometimes – or fix broken threads, etc.)

Toot #2: 'early 90s' should be 'early 80s'.

#3: 'everything stays the same' should be ' everything *else* stays the same'

#6: 'an 'oil shock' driven' should be ''oil shock'-driven'

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So, here's the conclusion of this little essay: Are you tired enough of Putin's Inflation you are willing to live through a multi-year recession followed by several more years of economic doldrums to stop it?

Because that's the fix. And the earlier we get it the shorter the recession. In the 70's they waited too long.

But if we do it now everyone will blame the party in power, just like they are blaming them for an 'oil shock' driven inflation they didn't create.

History. Learn it.


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So, what happened in 1979 that created a 'double dip recession'? After six years of inflation, ending with a second 'oil shock' from the Iranian Revolution, the USA finally developed the political will to do something about it.

> Fed-Chair Paul Volcker in 1979, “… the standard of living of the average American has to decline.”

That recession was INTENTIONAL! It was ENGINEERED!


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So, what we've got right now isn't 'Joe Biden's Inflation'. It's 'Putin's Inflation', because our current 'oil shock' is ENTIRELY due to the Ukraine war.

Of course, there's that other driver of inflation I mentioned: companies realizing they could get away with charging more. But that gain is only temporary because, when everyone (including workers) start charging more pretty soon inflation outstrips energy price inputs.

At that's how we got to 1979. And that's how we will get 2024.


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Do you process raw materials? Chances are it requires huge amounts of energy to do so.

Do you run a farm? Can't do it without fuel and fertilizer.

Do you make something in a factory? You'll need electricity and other energy sources.

Do you transport goods? Yeah, fuel.

Do you sell retail? You've still got energy costs.

Basically energy prices are factored into every step of production, transport, and sales. If energy costs go up, but everything stays the same, prices go up.


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But let me tell you why we had a 'double-dip recession' in the early 90s: An 'oil shock' in 1973 sent energy prices spiraling.

That one price signal pushed every other price up. Partly because once inflation starts there are companies who see a chance to raise prices and take it, improving their revenue in the short term.

But the real reason is the fact energy prices are factored into EVERYTHING.


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I'm old. Old enough to have been an unemployed adult during the recession of the early 1980s. Unemployment in the county where I was living at the time peaked at 22%. One in five workers were out of a job and couldn't find another one.

Right now everyone is worried about inflation and they desperately want someone to do something about it.


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Here ye Here ye

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I found AutoKey and installed it, which looks like it would solve the issue although I've had it lock up keyboard input a couple of times and I'm a bit leery of it now.

However, today I discovered the right 'alt' key ('right option' on a Mac keyboard) does what I would expect it to – although some of the key-mappings are different from a Mac. At least the em-dash (–) and ellipsis (…) are exactly where I expect, so that problem is solved and I'll probably find other uses for AutoKey.

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Just found something I'm *not* liking about the transition to - there's no simple key combinations for special characters like em-dash and ellipsis.

On the Mac it's just 'option+;' for ellipsis and 'option+-' for em-dash. On Linux my only option seems to be typing the freaking Unicode code point number! I can't believe people actually put up with that.

I'm going to have to find some kind of keyboard macro or tweak tool that will let me type commonly used special chars with a key-combo.

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> The Leader of Trump’s Favorite 2020 Election “Audit” May Be Disbarred After Courtroom Meltdown.

Wow... This was really over the top stupid! Not only did the guy defy a judge, he proceeded to berate the judge in his own courtroom.

And progress was freaking slow! So slow, in fact, I cancelled it.

Looks like another MacOS issue. I think instead of trying to fix it I'll just sneakernet files over using a USB drive. Also slow, but I'm tired of screwing around with shit.

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OK, figured that one out. There's a weird little pie chart icon in the file manager which (I guess) shows progress, but can also show details if you click on it.

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