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It's 15:30 and I've entirely wasted the day, doing nothing but read a Iyashekei . Really! I've done nothing else but make some coffee and a peanut butter sandwich. And fed the wood stove. That's it.

I've just been a lump in a recliner with a laptop.

The dog is bored and I feel guilty.

But I don't feel so guilty I'm not going to read a few more chapters. I need time like this once in a while.

Update: Ran the snow blower and remade all the paths/plowed out the driveway. Also managed to thaw out frozen waterlines in the house. (They might freeze up again tonight.)

Still worried about water systems in the RVs, but nothing much I can do about that right now. At least I've managed to keep the 5th wheel above freezing inside. (I left out some water on the counter as a guide to whether it got too cold.) But the systems in the 'basement' remain a concern.

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Related: I've been wondering about the feasibility of a Tensegrity 'pull-up' dome frame, consisting of lengths of pipe with rope running through them. The trick would be routing the ropes.

It's not a new idea.

But none of the existing 'classic Tensegrity' designs work quite like my idea. I keep meaning to try it, but I'm usually too busy with other projects.

Maybe I should try a scale model as a winter thing? Plastic straws and thread?

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domes using Tensegrity structures. These designs aren't tension-only, but they do use cables in place of many structural components:

A couple of related things:

* Starlink is still working just fine, despite being buried in the snow – I'm impressed

* I'm beginning to realize I won't be able to live alone up here for the rest of my life, as much as I want to; I'll be 70 in five years and even if I stay relatively healthy I won't be up to the work required to survive the winters

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Started snowing again last night, with temperatures just under 20f, and it is still snowing hard now. I went outside and measured ~18 inches of snow on the ground. The current outside temp is 21f

At some point during the night the power went out and stayed out until just now. I had nearly resigned myself to starting up the generator, so I'm very happy it didn't wait another thirty minutes.

I'll need to run the snow blower again today. But I'll hold off on clearing the roof for now.

My parents and sister say they are fine though, so I didn't share whatever I had with them.

I don't think it was a breakthrough case of since I didn't have the dry cough and my sense of smell is working, even despite a stuffy head. More likely the kind of gut bug I used to get all the time in the winter when I was around people more.

But it sucks to have to do things out in the cold, like run a snow blower or carry in wood, when you feel like crap. Here's hoping I'm over it.


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The last few days have been pretty rough:

* Single-digit temps (minus digit for you Celsius folk) forced me out of my nice 5th wheel trailer and into my (under renovation) house where I can use a wood stove for heat

* A foot of snow, with more coming tonight

* Came down with something on Monday; low grade fever, gut problems, body aches

I'm feeling better today, but the last one worried me, as I had just visited my elderly parents for Xmas and was worried they'd get it too.


Looks like DuckDuckGo is finally getting popular. I guess I'm going to have to find another search engine…

And, yes, I'm one of those people who figures popularity tends to ruin things. But this opinion is based on six decades of watching popularity ruin things.

> A Weird Paper Tests The Limits of by Claiming Octopuses Came From . A summary of decades of research on a rather 'out-there' idea involving viruses from space raises questions on just how scientific we can be when it comes to speculating on the history of life on Earth.

Politics, Rudeness 

Link to the thread where I talk about the way Evangelical churches have switched their faith from Jesus to Trump:

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Politics, Rudeness 

Case in point:

> The Gospel of Donald Trump Jr. The former president’s son told a crowd that the teachings of Jesus have “gotten us nothing.”

This would be a bigger problem for the Trump's if Evangelicals were actually Christian – but as I have argued elsewhere, mainline Evangelical churches and teachings are, in fact, apostate.

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Cunningham's Law: "The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer."

After dropping down to 6F overnight, the temp has finally risen to 10F!

Yeah, not much difference. Just plain cold…

Down to 15F outside – which would be officially FUCKING COLD.

Already having some problems with water pipe freeze-up on one end of the house. I've started water dripping at the other end in the hope running water won't freeze. Although the pipes are better insulated in that area anyway.

I'm worried about the RVs outside, but there isn't much more I can do at this point. I'll have to wait for higher temperatures before I can even survey any damage.

What we think about as chip shortage would be an enormous chip surplus if we'd go back to the chip usage of the early 2000s, which, honestly, was plenty enough.

FWIW. A snow blower, even a moderately good one like I have, isn't exactly an effort-free proposition.

It's maybe an order of magnitude less work for the cleared space than a snow shovel, but in terms of effort while you are operating it, it's at least as difficult when you have a foot or more of snow. Thus why I can clear a long driveway, but right this moment I am tuckered out.

I don't mind the snow in a lot of ways. It's pretty, for one thing. But it isn't compatible with getting old.

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Update: Just finished with outside work I needed to do today, when it is merely below freezing. As opposed to the next three days, when it is forecast to be as low as 2 degrees Fahrenheit. (That's -17 to you Celsius people.)

Big thing was getting the snow blower going. After I made the most absolutely necessary paths to the pole barn and the woodpile, I cleared 170 feet (50 Meters to you Metric people) of driveway.

Then brought in wood and the like.

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