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There is nothing perfect in this world. But I have seen things in nature so inspiring I stop caring for that moment.

One irritation of being a software product designer is having to explain over and over (and over) WHY you made a particular choice, of all the options available.

This is because the people you are working with are smart and want to prove they are smart by exploring every possible option – and you aren't allowed to scream at them and say, "FOR THE TENTH FUCKING TIME, I CONSIDERED THAT AND REJECTED IT BECAUSE FOO AND BAR!"

It's so rare to hear a suggestion I hadn't already obsessed over myself.

Follow up to my live-action 'Cowboy Bebop' mini review…

Steve Jones over at AnimeNewsNetwork calls it 'a baffling disaster'.

> Cowboy Bebop

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Scammers are trying to sell "Tor Project Tokens." This scam has no relation to the Tor Project, and we are working to get rid of this account asap.

Stay safe!

I left my sister's place on Thanksgiving with a bag full of leftovers, including a couple pounds of turkey scraps and bones.

Tonight I'm making turkey soup with the pressure cooker.

First 20 minutes with the bones and scraps, then pulled everything out, threw away the smaller bones, and put the big bones back in. Added dried onions and spices and gave the bones another 40 minutes.

Then out came the bones and in went the meat, veggies, pasta, and some chicken stock for 10 more minutes.

Pouring rain all day again. The clouds did break up enough at one point I could see the mountains and it looks like this warmer rain is melting snow. Not a good sign when rivers were already at flood stage and we are getting over an inch of rain in 24 hours.

Again not getting much done because of the rain. Besides the whole getting wet factor, it seems to sap my ambition more generally.

Really, everything we have tried has failed. Foundered on the rock of human obstinance.

Other than each of us protecting ourselves, there isn't much left we can do. As I see it, there are only two effective collective actions left to us:

1. Do whatever it takes to get as many people vaccinated as possible EVERYWHERE – shrinking reservoirs of people where the virus can mutate (no more rich-country-only)

2. Change liability laws to allow hospitals to refuse service to the unvaccinated


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This is the new normal. And there is nothing we can do to change that unless we come up with a way to change human nature. Lockdowns and mask requirements and vaccination mandates cannot work when a third of the population simply refuses to go along.

And the variants will keep coming so long as there are places in the world where the vaccines just aren't available. Places where the virus has more chances to mutate.

I don't think it will be long before we find out what is beyond Omega…


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As Fauci says, the safe bet is Omicron is already loose in the USA. And even one infected case spreading to two or more people means it will be everywhere here within months.

The most we can do is play whack-a-mole with vaccines and each of us take care of ourselves. (Where 'taking care of ourselves' means abandoning friends and family who refuse to get vaccinated to their fates.)

The virus will keep spreading and mutating. Some variants will evade immunity or increase mortality.


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The problem basically boils down to selfish people and outright assholes. There's no nicer way to put it.

Could we have stopped entirely in 2019 if everyone wore masks and isolated as much as possible? Maybe. We'll never know.

The simple fact is, a third of the population are always going to be this way and another third of the population are unable to process information free from peer pressure – meaning they will go either way depending on who they talk to.


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At this point it looks like 'variants of concern' are going to use up every character in the Greek alphabet soon – there are only 9 left until we get to Omega.

In any case, we are learning there is nothing you can do to stop the virus from spreading; at most you slow it down a bit in one place or another. Even New Zealand, with all their natural advantages at isolating from the world, is basically giving up.


I need to be working on today, but it's pouring rain and I'm not feeling a 'get cold and soaking wet' vibe today.

Not that I would any day, unless it was for a hike. And I don't feel like going for a hike.

It's terrible when the weather abets your own natural laziness.

And, in that last few seconds, they made it clear the future story is going somewhere entirely new; while again doing it in a way that seems disrespectful to the fans.

I'd give it 6/10. I'd give it 7/10 if they hadn't flipped the bird to the fan community along the way.

If you aren't a super fan but did watch the original series you'll enjoy how well they matched the original visuals. Also the music was top-notch and the acting didn't suck.

Like I said, worth watching…


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It wouldn't be so bad, but they tease you by seeming to stick to the original plotline – right up until the last few episodes – and then the train is suddenly going down another track.

It seems kind of disrespectful to the fans, because they didn't have to do it that way even if they stuck with the new story.

Also, they compressed Spike's arc into 12 episodes and didn't even introduce Radical Ed until the last few seconds as part of the set-up the next season!


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Related: While there I was able to use a family member's Netscape account to finally see the live action 'Cowboy Bebop' series. The entire series was available, so I stayed up late last night and binged the whole thing.

My thoughts? Worth watching. However, if you are a super fan of the you are going to be furious when they drift from the original story or adapt themes loosely.

In fact, Spike's main arc has been butchered all to hell by a last episode plot twist…


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Just made it home after a couple of days in Olympia area visiting family for Thanksgiving.

Less family drama than usual, for which I am thankful. Traffic sucked coming home, bad enough I stayed off the freeways where possible.

Worked on the heat pump a bit today, building the frame the indoor unit will be hanging it from and fooling with other things. Found the electrical box I bought isn't what I thought it was, so I'll be returning that.

This particular unit isn't designed to be bolted to a wall or the floor. Instead it is supposed to hang from a ceiling with dead air around it and flexible duct adapter between it and anything else. Goals: provide air gap for heated surfaces and isolate any vibration.

Long day spent either driving to, shopping in, or driving back from a home center–I needed to buy a lot of stuff for various I'm working on this week.

For some reason the closest Lowes is moving everything around. Which made finding every damn little thing I was looking for into a slog because aisle signs didn't match contents and staff was as confused as customers.

I eventually found almost everything I was looking for, but ran out of time and energy for any other kind of shopping.

FWIW? 'Flexible duct adapter' is damn hard to come by unless you are in the HVAC installation and repair biz. I needed less than four feet, but had to buy a 50 foot roll!

No smaller sizes were available and HVAC shops won't sell it to you retail.

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