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I want to talk about 'Scarcity' and the .

While reading an article I came across someone describing Economics as, “The study of things that are scarce.”

I’m of two minds about this. First, like anything I find overly reductionist, this elevator pitch one-liner offends me. (I won’t explore that more here.)


Does anyone remember the 'values' from 'The Manifesto for Agile Software Development'?

* Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

* Working software over comprehensive documentation

* Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

* Responding to change over following a plan

Or the '12 Principles of Agile'?

I could write a whole essay on this, but I'll stop here and point out nothing pisses me off like claiming we follow Agile principles while inverting the values.


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Today is one of those days I really wish I hadn't agreed to un-retire and go back to work. So many things are bugging me right now.

Really, it all comes down to the fact the company has managed to turn 'Agile' software development into 'Waterfall' – and middle management won't acknowledge their processes are getting in the way of getting things done.

I blame a combination of office politics and Jira.


Follow up on previous toots about the battery backup system I picked up on a Craigslist deal: Of the six 1800 WH lead/acid batteries, one is certainly bad and one might be bad; I'm doing further testing to verify.

However, the batteries were basically free and would cost $300 or more each new, so even if I only have four working batteries that's still 7.2 KWH of storage at a big savings. More than enough for my use case.

Live in or elsewhere in Washington state? Have no intention of joining the 'Black Friday' retail crowds?

Friday the 26th is a Washington State Park 'Free Day'. No Discover Pass required!

So go for a hike instead!

It's in the mid 30s F here. I knocked off work while it was still light outside and got myself some exercise by picking up branches and other storm wrack and throwing them into the edge of the forest to decompose naturally – while the dog exercised by running in circles around me.

Now my feet are cold. But the dog seems happy…

> XMPP, A Comeback Story: A 20 Year Old Messaging Protocol For Robust, Private and Decentralized Communications. Everyone loves a comeback story. Can a 20 year old overlooked technology make a comeback as a completely decentralized, free, and scalable technology for the growing masses of people who value freedom and privacy?

Politics, Economy 

Right now people are freaking out about inflation.

> Americans say they hate the economy but act like they love it.

Thing is, I'm old. I clearly remember inflation in the 1970s and what's happening right now? Not the same.

Back then prices went up and the economy was flat; consumption declined. Then prices went up even faster and we had a recession; millions of people were laid off work.

The difference between now and then? and politics…

When I was a teenager in the 1970's I once trolled my dad by claiming that, within fifty years, marijuana would be legal and there would be cosmetic brands for men.

It's fifty years later and I plan to remind my father of this prediction.

The thing is, I'm a huge fan of the original Blade Runner and even read Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' long before the movie came out. I even thought the sequel was OK.

However, and this is a big one, 'Blade Runner: Black Lotus' is a Crunchyroll production and they don't have a good track record.

In fact, I'm still recovering from how badly 'Fena: Pirate Princess' blew the ending of what was a promising series.

I don't trust them to not waste my time…

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Just watched the first episode of 'Blade Runner: Black Lotus' on Crunchyroll.

The CGI animation is DEEP into the uncanny valley and there's a touch of the old ultraviolence. So far there isn't enough plot and way too many questions. The main character is a cipher, even to herself, which is probably intentional but doesn't lend itself to interesting characterization. The only non-evil (so far) supporting character isn't very interesting either.

Does the 3-episode rule apply to this one?

Sunbreak! (Small and short, but I'll take it.)

And the cloud clearing that produced a momentary flash of the sun is also revealing the mountains around me, all covered with fresh snowfall from the storms of the last few days.

Given how the local rivers are already at flood stage, let's hope that snow doesn't melt off as fast as it accumulated.

Just did a quick walk-through of the forest on my property. I've got at least five trees down from the windstorm, two of them very large firs.

One of the big ones is completely down and the other broke off about fifty feet up; there is a smaller tree completely down as well. All of these should be relatively easy enough to cut up later, although one is blocking a trail.

Then there are two medium-sized trees drunkenly leaning against a third. Getting those down safely is going to be difficult.

Yet another storm just now, with more thumping, only it kept happening. After the wind died down a little I went out to check and ended up climbing a ladder to get a big branch off the top of a slideout.

So far no snow. But it was sleeting when I was out and hail came roaring down about half an hour ago.

This is really being a year for outsized weather. I certainly hope it's not the 'new normal'…

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Update: It just WON'T LET UP. Storm after storm passing through, with high winds and rain. More debris hitting the sides of the trailer. (That 'THUMP' can make you jump out of your seat.)

Still, so far the power is staying on.

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You can hear the sound of chainsaws all up and down the valley; hopefully no houses or people were caught by falling trees.

A friend in Marblemount reports the town is cut off by the Skagit river flooding across the road and the bridge there is impassible.

A N D . . .

Accuweather is predicting a couple of inches of snow here tonight.

So, yeah, I'm surprised the power is back on and figure the odds it might go out again are higher than I like.

Some days, eh?


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Power back on after yet another outage. Only this was a bad one. I really didn't think it would be fixed tonight and had resigned myself to at least one night without power.

It was a sudden and very big storm coming through that did it. Scared crap out of the dog and left branches and other debris all over my property and the road. Took down at least one of my trees, but I'm not going into the forest to check until I'm certain another front won't come through.


And yes, I do have generators. I even ran one tonight so I could make dinner.

This might have once been a travel trailer; but I've converted it for full-time living and ripped out all the propane crap. It's now all-electric and (another project) I'm installing a high-efficiency heat pump.

Most of this comes down to me trying to move away from carbon emitting power sources. Here in the PNW electricity is nearly all carbon free and I hope to power the heat pump at least partially from solar.

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[Skip the following unless you are interested in alternative power nerdery…]

So, yeah, a 3 KW inverter is too small for house loads. Except (a) this one is an industrial unit with up to 20 seconds of 9 KW peak and (b) I'm using it to power everything except the heating/cooling in a fifth wheel trailer.

I'm also *not* hooking it up to solar right now. It's purely for backup purposes. Long term plan is a 6 KW unit with another 18 KWH of batteries and solar, which I'll hook up to the heat pump.

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