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[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.


Yikes! Since the DNS records of Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp can't be resolved anymore, every device with one of their apps installed is now actively DDoSing recursive DNS resolvers.

This may cause problems... for the entire internet.

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So, here's where I'm going with this: if you are working on a complex system and it DOES NOT have a 'door 22'? For example, software should have a main, shared, library or message queue or some abstraction the entire thing is built around. If your code doesn't have that?

I'm willing to bet that complex system is a world-class pain in the ass to maintain…


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I was trying to figure out how to get to the main systems of the RV and notices a big hatch at the back of the front storage area, held on with only six screws. So I pulled it.

And it was 'door 22'. Damn near EVERYTHING I needed to get to was right there in the one place.

And that's when I realized 'door 22' is a metaphor. You see, nearly every well-designed, but complex, system has a 'door 22'. Be it electronics or airplanes or software – there's always one place with all the guts.


Door 22 was the main access point for most repairs not requiring specialists. (Like the guys who pulled and replaced the black boxes. Who weren't really specialists, but did have special electronic warfare clearances.)

Anyway, today I was working on a big fifth wheel RV I bought, which I am planning to convert to be entirely off grid – gonna pull all the propane crap, put in a ton of batteries and a heat pump, and add solar cells.

What does that have to do with door 22?



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Door 22 was this hatch located on the underside of the F-4, centered between the wings. You opened it by pulling approximately 5,000 screws on three sides and the fourth side was hinged. (I might be exaggerating the number of screws you had to pull.)

With door 22 down you could stick your head up inside the guts of the aircraft and, right there, was every important system in it. Hydraulic lines, fuel lines and access to the main boost pumps, all the avionics except the black box shit.


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I was in the US Air Force in the late 1970's. Height of the cold war. But that's not the story I'm telling here, just context.

My first posting was near Madrid Spain, a place called Torrejon – a 'TAC' base or 'Tactical Air Command'. So we had fighter jets. (Yeah, more context.)

Only not the new cool fighters hot off assembly lines. We had old-school F-4s.

And the thing about F-4s was, they had something called a 'Door 22'. And that's the story I'm telling…


Politics, Supreme Court 

In other words?

If you don't like being in the middle of a shit flinging contest, stay out of the monkey cages.

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Politics, Supreme Court 

There has been a lot of (entirely justified) flak about the Supreme Court lately, coming from all sides.

Apparently the Supremes are unhappy about this and complaining that it isn't fair.

(Not bothering with links, since commentary about this is everywhere.)

Well, Alito and company, all I can say is, "You did this to yourselves."

Just like with the GOP. Your first and most important fuck-up was letting Trump run the show. Now you've been dragged down to his level.

Update: Finished the job today, without killing myself or burning down the garage.

Still was nervous as hell doing it, especially given it's pouring down rain today. But I have 50 amp 200v to the RV and everything works. On to the next project.

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Well, well; looks like Elon Musk finally came through! I just got an email with a link to order my Starlink kit.

FWIW: I paid my deposit and got on the waiting list in February. So, it's been six months coming…

I'm pretty conflicted. On the one hand, I'm sort of against large scale satellite constellations of any kind. On the other hand, the only other Internet option out here is Hughes geosync satellite service – which manages to pull off the trifecta of Expensive, Slow, AND Unreliable.

Just checked the weather radar and there is a big front to the west, moving this way. Looks like I'll be losing Internet in an hour or so when the heavy rain gets here.

Satellite Internet sucks, v164.3.

> Something Weird Is Happening on Facebook.

My first, admittedly vapid, thought was, "Isn't something weird ALWAYS happening on FB?"

Then, reading the article, I was reminded why:

* I quit FB fifteen years ago

* I quit the birdsite three years ago

* I NEVER respond to online 'polls' or provide product 'ratings' or even use 'Likes'

* I ALWAYS run a tracker blocker and use private browsing for any site I don't need to log into to use

The US/Russia Cold War was egged on by lobbyists for the 'Military-Industrial Complex'.

Perhaps a US/China War might be pushed by mortgage bankers?

> Wall Street Mortgage Bankers Are Freaking Out About Climate Change. “Housing and housing finance will not be spared.”

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In some ways the Cold War worked to US advantage, by focusing American energies and creativity; creating strong incentives for technological progress also useful in non-military applications.

(Mind you, the Cold War was still a terrible thing for the planet. But bear with me here.)

What if the US and China start another Cold War, but rather than building up nuclear stockpiles and developing weapon systems the focus is on renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions?

Looks like I can have bioreactor with my vat meat on an interplanetary voyage.

> Sustainable coffee grown in Finland – the land that drinks the most coffee per capita produces its first tasty cup with cellular agriculture.

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