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Update: it occurs to me there are several powerful reasons why younger people don't listen to older people like myself:

* Some lessons can ONLY be learned the hard way and no amount of advice can change that

* The Dunning-Kruger effect, where those with less knowledge are more certain, makes experienced advice easy to ignore

* Old people vary as much as young people do – and some were incompetent assholes their entire lives and really don't have much of value to impart to younger folk anyway

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Word is, Jeff Bezos is dedicating a small part of his fortune (1 billion dollars) to 'conservation'.

I don't know what that means, but I do know how I'd use a billion bucks for 'conservation':

1. Buy up currently forested land (especially in South America) and hire locals to manage and preserve it

2. Research better ways to plant trees and create forests, to avoid our current failures in that area:

3. Lobby, lobby, lobby and lobby some more

Politics, What Pence didn't do 

What didn't Pence do? Go along with a plan to destroying democracy in the USA…

> Pro-Trump lawyer's memo begins with a lie, then descends into madness.

> "This suggestion is as wrong-headed as it is audacious. No person -- not the vice president or anybody else -- has the power to "gavel" anybody as the president of the United States. That's the stuff of dictatorship."

> The Unbelievable Grimness of HermanCainAward, the Subreddit That Celebrates Anti-Vaxxer Deaths. This is not a forum that attempts to change minds. It’s much darker.

It's one of those things I would never look at and, frankly, wish didn't exist – but of which the fact it exists does not surprise me one tiny little bit.

People can be MEAN. Especially to idiots who brought something on themselves…

If your hopepunk SF masterpiece requires that 99.999% of humanity dies. I'm gonna submit it's not hopepunk, it's just rapture-fic. #tw

Politics, End of Democracy, Plato, Trump 

"A leader will come, he will spread fear, he will gather supporters by telling them he’s the only one who can protect them from the internal enemy." – Plato, The Republic

"I am the only one who can make America truly great again!" – Donald Trump, March 18 2015 interview with Colin Campbell

I was looking for ways people mix Markdown with YAML and stumbled across Quire.

Not open source, though they they say 'it will be'. But still pretty interesting and maybe worth fooling with.

Updated to note: they are wrapping Hugo, so if you already have Hugo content and want to publish it in other formats – here you go…

I'd like to see some critiques of this article; is it backed up by other work? If true, well, wow…

> A giant space rock demolished an ancient Middle Eastern city and everyone in it – possibly inspiring the Biblical story of Sodom.

> Say Goodbye to Your Manager. The pandemic has exposed a fundamental weakness in the system.

Imagine, if you will, an inversion of the common order. High-performing people paid more to keep doing the same job instead of being promoted into jobs they aren't good at; managers as low-paid support personell who exist only to make life easier for the worker-bees.

Poltics, Who defines 'RINO'? 

Trump is running around the country, calling conservative stalwarts and lifetime GOP politicians 'RINO's (Republicans In Name Only).

It's kind of hilarious really. Six years ago Trump was the RINO: a candidate going around saying things different from the rest of the party.

Now he is redefining RINO to mean, 'Anyone Not 100% in support of Trump'.

They did this to themselves…

> Donald Trump's main goal? Kill off the Republican establishment.

The 'Great Depression' of the 1930's started in 1929 in the USA, but the rest of the world was quickly dragged along.

As I type this a monetary crisis in China is dragging down the stock market in the USA and Europe.

I'm not saying this to predict a new 'Great Depression', as I don't think that is happening. But it does underline the extent to which financial affairs across the world are entangled and how a failure in one place might mean disaster in others.

Today again, Jupiter did it's job as the janitor of the solar system, cleaning up junk that might otherwise whack into us…

> Something big Just hit Jupiter! Something big Just hit Jupiter!

Politics, Software, Hit by a bus 

The piss-yellow icing on that shit cake is how the man's death has resulted in ridiculous claims of 'illegal intubation' and 'engineered viruses'.

I don't really care if a Republican campaign files it's paperwork on time or not, but I do care about people's lives. It's bad enough that man died due to a stupid vaccine conspiracy theory, but to fling more at the hospital where he died and scare people who might need treatment away?

That deserves an ass kicking.

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Politics, Software, Hit by a bus 

In every software development shop there are always two or three programmers you can't afford to lose. In the vernacular, "What if you get hit by a bus," means don't take another job, don't get sick, don't get in an accident. We need you.

> Anti-Mask Florida Official Dies of COVID—and Takes GOP Software Secrets With Him. Surviving colleagues had to tell the FEC that Tampa’s GOP committee might be late with its filing…

Being old has few advantages; even fewer when you consider how little experience and perspective count with other people.

For example, you might look at something younger people are passionate about and remember when you felt the same way and how little change you were able to effect at the time despite your own passion and dedication. But telling someone who is passionate this will only sound like sour grapes. And, besides, they are doing nothing wrong.

So you smile and offer encouragement…

In related news: I've been burning wood for heat mornings and evenings for a week now. Keeps the electricity bill down, but also a reminder I haven't finished cutting and splitting the wood I'll need for winter.

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The forecast is rain today and throughout the weekend. This is the longest continuous period of rain we've had here in the Pacific Northwest since May.

If you live anywhere else in the world you might find this fact unremarkable. But if you are from around here it's crazy-pants territory. I mean, we used to joke about how got a whole two weeks of summer every year.

And now we get real summers punctuated by two weeks of 'heat domes' with record-shattering temperatures.

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