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Politics, Arizona 'Recount' 

> Arizona Senate liaison Ken Bennett says he will resign Wednesday from overseeing election audit.

What a clusterfuck.

I'll have to bust out my bass tonight and play a little bottom music in Hill's honor.

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> ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Dead at 72.

Damn! Fare well in your next incarnation brother of the Blues and the Beard…

Mind you, all this is happening because I am not given a choice of a better or less opaque system. If I could, saying the responsibility is on me might have some standing.

But I don't. Not here. Not now. It's take your lumps and move on because fuck you, if you don't pay we'll turn it over to collections.

Yeah, well, that just doesn't sit right with me…

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Everyone 'knows' medical insurance and billing in the USA are completely broken. Why in the hell do we put up with it?

Why should we assume the billing (and all the steps leading up to it) is correct and no one made a mistake?

Why are we expected to be experts in a system so complicated the actual experts screw up all the time?

You want to piss me off? Tell me that it's my responsibility to either blindly accept the outputs of a complex and opaque system or waste my time self-verifying.

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Just had an argument with a medical provider's billing office about who's responsibility it is to make sure I know a surprise bill can come six months after the fact for a procedure for which I already paid the co-pay.

Their claim is that I am supposed to know how medical coding and my insurance coverage works and be able to verify the facts of the bill myself; it is NOT their responsibility to verify the charge or warn me it might be applied.

I say no reasonable person would believe that.

Much of the language we use for emotions assumes they are absolutes. As if they are either wholly there or they are not there at all; with little room for graduations of feelings or halfheartedness.

But love and trust and their opposites are not binary. Desire may have greater and lesser values depending on the person or the place or the time or how much you've drank. Bright happiness slowly dims into dark depression.

Speak of emotions like colors, with tint and saturation.

This looks interesting, especially given my dislike of big frameworks. That said, it's in early days and possibly not ready for prime time.

> Poseidon is an anti-framework. It's a a no-dependency, component-based framework for rendering UI on the web. It aims at being lightweight, fast, and intuitive (i.e. easy to use) for building static and dynamic apps without compromising on performance and core features.

One of the greatest challenges of product design is naming. What do you call the user-visible parts of the software? What terminology best drives conceptual understanding and ease of use? It's incredibly tricky to get right.

Then, once product development is underway, the Sales and Marketing teams finally pay attention to the emails and suddenly you are hearing, "We can't call this thing that because sales and marketing reasons."

And your naming problem metastasizes…

Politics, Trump, Follow the Money 

> Of Course Trump Has Scammed Millions From His Not-Very-Bright Supporters. The ex-president has reportedly been using his political PAC as a slush fund for personal expenses.

Could it be that, at the very bottom, Trump's goal in pushing the 'Big Lie' was really about the grift all along? Or does he see it as 'killing two birds with one stone'?

Tucker Carlson 

> Watch Man Confront Tucker Carlson in Montana: “You Are the Worst Human Being”.

Wow… Just… Wow…

Edit: Three posts up I said I joined Anita's life in late 1997 – but I checked her journal and it was mid 1998.

I guess that's why people keep journals?

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OK, if your interest is so piqued you can't stand it, here's a link to the Internet Archive of the very last post of her regular blog – made by myself on the day she passed away:

And here is her journal:

I'm not sure this is for everyone. But if you want to be a fly on the wall for a decade of Anita's life, here you go…

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Anyway, since I have a full backup of her website I have pretty much all her web writing except the Twitter posts and a couple of years she kept a PITA blog hosted by someone else. The journal is in hand-crafted HTML and the old blog uses an ancient page generator called 'GreyMatter'.

What this means is every now and then I remember I have the backup and go and read pages of her journal until the tears block my vision. I should put it back up on the web, but it feels so personal…


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Really, what Anita did was keep a regular diary of her life from 1997 to 2006. Only it was fully public and open on the web. When I joined her life in late 1997 she made it clear she would continue to do so and would write about me as well.

I agreed; because the alternative was to not be part of her life.

Besides the journal Anita started a second more regular weblog, focused on posting links to interesting things. And she was very active on Twitter in the early days.


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My wife died more than a dozen years ago. After that length of time you get to where you don't think of someone you lost every day anymore, but it can still come rushing back to remind you at the drop of a hat.

Today I was working on cleaning up my photo archive and came across Anita's journal – Anita was one of the OG bloggers, starting back in 1997 when they were called 'web journals' and were generally far more personal than even today's TikTockers.


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