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Just did that thing where you get out a frozen cheese pizza, empty out the refrigerator on top of it, and then toss it in the oven.

When I was a high-school kid there was an Italian place in the Renton Highlands which made pizzas like this. They called them 'Garbage Can Pizzas' right in the menu.

I guess calling it a 'Combo' didn't really do the pizza justice… 😕

> Why not track?

A short list of reasons why, "I have nothing to hide," isn't enough…

It's noontime on the first day of June. The outside temp is already 81F. I'll bet it goes over 90 today.

Tomorrow looks like it will be just as bad. Currently the long range forecast has rain through the weekend – here's hoping that comes to pass.

Attribution solves the age-old advertising problem, famously articulated by the department store mogul John Wanamaker: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

That may be great news for advertisers, but who gives a shit? The fact that advertisers' lives are made easier if I let them follow me around 24/7 forever to see if their ads worked is *not my problem*.


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Sometimes there are things about yourself which seem utterly mundane in your own eyes, but others find amazing.

This is because being ambidextrous or unusually good at jump shots or able to sew a dress in an afternoon or win spelling bees – or whatever it is for you – is just something you do.

But that doesn't make it any less special.

In a world where talents are distributed randomly each of us has our own unique set of unusual abilities. Our own superpowers. Find yours and cherish them.

Home just now, after two days away to take care of my ailing mother while my father was in the hospital with his own problems.

Not been a fun couple of days, but they did release my father from the hospital and he seems to be doing OK.

When your old boss makes you an offer too good to turn down…

So much for being retired. 😕

> Mistune – A fast yet powerful parser with renderers and plugins.

Note: They include an AST renderer that gives you the basics of a simplified document object model.

> Nature Will Help Protect Us From Climate Doom—If We Let It. Earth’s ability to sock away carbon is a powerful tool to slow rising temperatures.

Go plant a tree people. Hell, plant two!

Politics, Republicans, "What're we fighting for?" 

> The GOP Now Stands for Nothing. A party that doesn’t believe in anything ends up believing only in its right to rule.

Spot on! Today's GOP reminds me of the 'Fish Cheer'.

> And it's 1, 2, 3, what're we fighting for?
> Don't ask me, I don't give a damn
> Next stop is Vietnam
> And it's 5, 6, 7, open up the pearly gates
> Well there ain't no time to wonder why
> Whoopee! We're all gonna die!

> German scientists say they've figured out why AstraZeneca's and Johnson & Johnson's vaccines can cause rare blood clots.

TL;DR: 'Mutant proteins.'

> NASA’s Mars helicopter had a midair brain fart. Ingenuity made frantic attempts to correct ‘phantom errors’ based on glitchy navigation data.

I really feel for Ingenuity here. I mean, I know exactly what it's like to get up, walk across the room, suddenly realize I forgot why, start back, stop, turn around, and then finally just give up and collapse on the floor in a confused heap.

Don't you?

> Airship to offer low-carbon flights with floor-to-ceiling windows.

I would TOTALLY love to travel on an airship. I have no interest at all in 'destination travel' on, for example, a cruise ship. But taking my time to get there by airship checks all my boxes.

> The Government Might Borrow a Move From Amazon to Turn More Cities Into .

TL;DR: By 'turning cities into Seattle' they mean creating technology hubs in them. The title requires a pretty long reach to match the content of this piece. But the article is interesting nonetheless.

When mainstream media finally notices something you've been saying for a while.

> Renewable Is Suddenly Startlingly Cheap. Now the biggest barrier to change is the will of our politicians to take serious climate action.

A dozen years ago I did the math and determined the payback time for installing solar PV was around twenty years – and therefore not worth doing. A year ago I did it again and it was ten years. Today it is eight – and a good investment.

In the meantime? The sun will rise as sure as there is death and taxes. Even the most ardent Subjectivist will wake up (perhaps not at sunrise) to make coffee and contemplate whether the universe is real or not. And all the Moral Relativism in the world won't get you out of paying taxes – you have to be rich and powerful for that.


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But once again? IT DOESN'T MATTER! A changed objective reality is still an objective reality; just a different one with different rules. And, even if mathematics itself somehow changes, it's likely we can still apply the scientific method to determine how those rules work.


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(If you are as steeped in this question as I am, you might note how (1) is the inverse of the main tenent of Subjectivist thought. Which is why I rely on (2) to buttress it. Subjectivism doesn't have a (2) to lend it further credence.)

I'll admit to the possibility our reality may not be consistent over time. Perhaps faeries and dragon existed long ago and tomorrow the sun won't rise. If reality is a computer simulation whoever is running it can certainly change the parameters.


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