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Of these commercial single-origin coffees, only the Sumatra really stands out on it's own. The Copper Moon is good, but this bag is a little stale, and the Hollis Street is nothing to write home about on every dimension.

Yet, together, they actually work quite well!

If you want to create this blend yourself, source some (fresh-roasted if possible) single-origin coffees and blend them as follows: 2 parts each Ethiopian and Sumatra with 1 part Central or South American. (Avoid Brazilian.)

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In my continuing effort to create the perfect cup of I tried re-creating my blend of Ethiopian, Sumatra, and Central or South American beans with store-bought single-origin beans. The goal: to see if the basic blend worked sans my high-quality fresh-roasted green beans.

It turned out quite good, actually!

I used Copper Moon Ethiopian Yirgacheff, Hollis Street Guatemalan, and Great Value (Walmart brand) Sumatra. (Yeah, yeah, I know. But their Sumatra is actually quite good!)


Mind you, I have a very low opinion on politicians in general. In truth, I don't think very many of them have good character or strong integrity and I believe there has to be something wrong about you to even *want* that job – with a few exceptions to prove the rule.

But if everyone agrees character matters, then politicians will try to exude character and we are all better off for it.

If, instead, you say character doesn't matter, you are basically letting those with none off their leash.

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I do think character matters. But against those with no character it provides no defense. In other words, a lack of character – either personally or in our leaders – is a strong destructive force. Whereas actual character and integrity are constructive, but fragile.

Character does matter. But it has to matter to all of us before it can make a real difference. When enough of us support leaders with a demonstrated lack of character we all reap the whirlwind.

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Today's hot take: Character matters, and not insisting that it matters damages society.

Something I read recently, which I am probably misquoting: "Integrity is the one thing no one can take from you; you have to give it up freely."

When you think about that in terms of a Republican Party that has moved from Ronald Reagan and John McCain (who wrote a book titled 'Character is Destiny'') to Cruz and Graham and Trump himself, you wonder if McCain's assertion is true. Is character destiny?

Easy Device Configuration For Your Pi Projects

We’re all familiar with a typical configuration sequence for a new mass-market IoT device. Turn it on for the first time and it exposes a temporary Wi-Fi network, connect to that network and open a Web page…

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Politics, Lindsey Graham 

Lindsey Graham Is the Worst. A former staffer explains why Graham is everything that’s wrong with American politics.

"I worked for him because I saw him at the time as a man of moral clout who was unafraid to speak his mind and who would be a good guide for the American people. Needless to say, I was wrong."

"Graham is not just dabbling in illegal behavior, he is seeking to undermine the bedrock of our republic: free and fair elections."

Politics, Trump, Crackpot America 

The crackpot factor: Why the GOP is worried about turning out the vote after Trump. Future GOP candidates lack Trump's secret sauce for attracting new voters — his appeal with Crank-Americans.

"… the 'crackpot factor.' Trump speaks to voters who share the racism and sexism of typical GOP voters, but who often don't vote because they think politics is boring and are awash in conspiracy theories about how the system is 'rigged'"

When the chief executive and half the other leaders of your country do not understand the overall good of the country is far more important than their own egos and petty ambitions.

Larry Berg and the Purple Open Passion Project

It all started with an 88-ton Arburg RP300 injection molding machine in the basement, and a bit of inattention. Larry Berg wanted a couple custom plastic plugs for his Garmin GPS, so he milled out a mold an…

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When you look at news headlines and actually-for-real think to yourself, "I'd like to know less about vote fraud and people dying and more about sex robots please."

W3C has some tutorials explaining how to create an accessible website. It shows the correct way to create a navigation bar, how to structure a page, etc...

I blame history teachers. They managed to take one of the most fascinating subjects in the world and make it boring. So boring no one actually learns the myriad-yet-similar ways we keep fucking ourselves up and thus think we invented a new way to make each other's lives miserable.

Not a way so tried and true it was given a name by the ancient Greeks and a Shinto Kami by the Japanese.

Also? I support the Second Amendment and believe Liberals and Minorities should be buying guns right now.

You want to see meaningful gun law reform? Have black people start open-carrying just like the magahats.

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Today's hot take: I suddenly realized much of my recent political posting could be understood as coming from someone who identifies as Socialist or Leftist; which would be wrong.

I don't fit into *any* modern political pigeonholes. The best description of my personal politics would be, "A 1920's Capitalist Progressive, but without their faith in the profit motive bringing about progressive ends sans government intervention."

State of #Seattle

The three big public messages local government is sending today are

1) Do not start hoarder buying like last spring.

2) Do not flush anything down the toilet expect toilet paper because it will cost you $ and imagine being on lockdown with NO TOILET

3) City Light does not call customers and demand payment over the phone, it's scammers. Again or maybe still.

Oy... Tuesday.

Custom Firmware For Cheap Bluetooth Thermometers

The Xiaomi LYWSD03MMC temperature and humidity sensor is ridiculously cheap. If you’re buying a few at a time, you can expect to pay as little as $5 USD a pop for these handy Bluetooth Low Energy environm…

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Politics, Trump, Biden, Pardon 

Biden doesn’t want to launch divisive probes into Trump, aides say — but he won’t be pardoning him either.

I certainly hope Biden has no plans to pardon Trump AND that the Biden team has made sure the Trump team knows it. Why?

1. Trump may be using his little tantrum as a bargaining chip – it would smart of Biden to raises the stakes

2. It increases the chances Trump resigns so Pence will pardon him – which hurts Pence too

3. Fuck Trump

Tonight's dinner is a guilty pleasure: Ravioli Soup.

I invented it years ago when I was a single father without much time and sometimes had to feed two picky daughters. Basically it's a can of condensed tomato soup and another of canned raviolis, made with half a can of water and topped with cheese. (For adult tastes I add seasoning salt, copious black pepper, and hot sauce.)

It might not be super nutritious, but it's easy to make and tastes FAR better than the ingredients should allow.

I'm not going to get to take an easy breath until January 20, am I?

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