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McCain succeeded there because, basically, Arizona is full of moderate voters. And momentum was enough to power the local GOP through 2016 and (albeit slowing down) 2018.

But Trump is an enormous ass, entirely unable to read the room, and he turned off a lot of Arizona voters with his attacks on McCain's character (pot/kettle) and his policies. After McCain's death the Arizona GOP got fully on board the Trump Train.


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Politics, Arizona 

I just saw some analysis about the Republican Party's chances in Arizona, and why they are so dismal. How, in fact, it's looking like Arizona might be changing to a 'Blue State' permanently.

And it's all Trump's fault.

Why? The Arizona GOP was about McCain for generations; a moderate and a 'maverick' who pulled votes from both sides and who had lots of other Arizona Republican politicians riding on his coat tails.


When you learn there's a caterpillar which is poisonous, causes pain when touched, and looks like a wig and you think, "Oh, *that's* what's on his head!"

Forgot to update this thread again yesterday: turns out the power flicker was because someone in a (very nice looking) 60's muscle car spun out on the highway and went nose first into a power pole.

Took out the entire bottom of the pole, so that it was hanging balanced on the hood of the car and supported by the power lines. Weird as hell, but they couldn't move the car until they replaced the pole, or else it would pull everything down.

Also? The storms showed up on time last night.

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Trump Promised A Break With GOP Trickle-Down Economics. He Delivered More Of The Same. The president is paying a political price for pursuing conventional Republican economic policies.

Interesting article pointing out (with charts) something many of us have forgotten: in 2016 Trump was the GOP maverick promising to bring back US manufacturing jobs.

In the end the only part of that platform he actually pursued was a disastrous trade war.

"Gunfire in the capital. Deadly clashes between protesters and state security forces. Annulled elections. A nasty fight for political power…"

"… people are deeply dissatisfied with the government due to widespread corruption and mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic. The country’s economy is in tatters, and many have no life savings or struggle to find steady work to bolster themselves against the downturn."

No, not the USA in 3 weeks. This is Kyrgyzstan right now.

Update: Emergency vehicles flying by with sirens howling. Could be the momentary power outage had a non-weather related cause.

I hate hearing sirens, because they almost always mean someone is having a really bad day.

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My Internet went down, which usually means a bad storm in the path of the satellite signal, and then twenty minutes later my power went out for a second and came back on.

Literally just flashed the lights, but it was enough to make my Mac Pro reboot.

Looks like we are starting to already get the storms promised for this evening…

Today's hot take: If you have to cheat to win, you aren't a winner. Only a cheater who knows they are taking something they don't deserve.

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Former Special Forces sought by business group to guard Minnesota polling sites.

According to the company the goal is, "to make sure that the Antifas don’t try to destroy the election sites."

Yeah, right. Antifa destroying election sites? Unlikely. In Minnesota? Not going to happen. Lying liars lying again.

My guess? They won't be stationed at poll sites in white neighborhoods.

Politics, Presidential Election, Polls 

Follow up: As of this morning the poll average has Biden up by 10.2 points; so the *average* is now solidly in double digits.

This doesn't mean Biden is going to win, of course. There is still three weeks to the election and it's electoral votes that matter and all that.

What's important here is the pressure it puts on Trump and how he reacts to it.

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McConnell says he's avoided the White House for months because of Covid concerns. "Their approach to how to handle this is different from mine," the Republican said, noting he's required masks and social distancing in the Senate.

Apparently McConnell isn't fully on board the Trump Coronavirus train. I wonder how he feels about Democracy.

(Just kidding. We already know he only cares about power.)

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Republican senator says 'democracy isn't the objective' of US system.

You know, there was a time when saying something like that would be a death knell for any politician of a major party.

And, yes, the US is a 'Federal Republic'–but it is also officially a 'Representative Democracy', where the people's representatives are chosen via a democratic process.

This is all basic High School civics, but it is now clear the Republicans flunked.

Today's hot take: That's not how it works! That's not how any of this works!

Politics, Presidential Election, Polls 

Fivethirtyeight's presidential election poll average is within 2 tenths of a point of a Biden double-digit lead at 51.9% to 42.1%.

That's the *average* we are talking about here. For some time now we've seen polls putting Biden up by 15% or more, but there are also polls in the single digits. What there are not, is reputable polls putting Trump in the lead, or even close to breaking even.

The only sure thing? More Trump insanity…

Downtown Seattle’s Elephant Car Wash to close permanently, sign will go to MOHAI.

I've been expecting the Elephant Car Wash to close for years. As someone who has lived in the area since the late 1960's (and a Washington State native before that) I've been watching many of the things that mean 'Seattle' to me disappear for generations now. The list is long.

So long, in fact, it's easier to list what is left…

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Something's been bothering me about the Trumpistas focus on election fraud; and it's not the total lack of proof they have for their claims.

Election fraud does happen. It even happens in the US. However, and this is important, I know of no instance where the rigged election wasn't in the favor of the party in power. After all, they are the ones holding the levers and pulling the strings.

Is this another 'accuse your enemy of the things you are doing' moment?

Suddenly wondering if an experimental medical treatment, given for free by a company wanting emergency authorization from the FDA, could be considered an emolument.

Leaving aside the whole False Equivalence Fallacy, when you argue you could have done 'everything right' and had the same result – isn't that just straight out admitting you DIDN'T DO 'everything right'?

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