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Just got off a phone call with my Dad. Today he was victimized by one of those scams where they get a virus on your computer that locks it up and puts up a message claiming to be from Microsoft and giving a phone number to call.

Luckily Dad didn't give them a credit card number or access to other computers in the house (they tried to get him to do both) so there's that. But I had to tell him I couldn't help him.

There are BIG reasons I tell friends and family I only support OSX or Linux.

Pavlov is reading the newspaper in a hotel lobby. A guest walks in and rings the bell for the concierge. “Shit,” exclaims Pavlov, “I forgot to feed the dog!”

Today's hot take: the most advanced mathematics humans use is no more than a limited pidgin form of the language of God.

So, problem one: people are lazy.

Problem two? People who *prefer* social anarchies tend to be difficult iconoclasts with a tendency towards pushing people away who don't know the slogans or properly kowtow to the correct totems.

If you ask me, this is the underlying problem with nearly everyone on the far left. They use words like 'subsidiarity' when they could just say, "Do it yourself if you can. If you really need help just ask."

Mastodon doesn't fix social media, but it is different.

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Sure, there are stars in the Fediverse. But how do you find them? There's no central discoverability, no one FAQ, or even one way of getting answers.

Each Mastodon instance is it's own island with it's own customs and rules and special language.

These are all good things from a social anarchistic point of view, but your average person would rather pay to have their lunch brought to them than make their own. The fact they aren't actually getting nutritious food goes right by them.

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While describing Mastodon elsewhere I made the claim that Mastodon is a working example of a Social Anarchism.

Upon reflection I think I'm 100% correct and this fact is one reason why so many people who love the facesite and the birdsite bounce off of Mastodon.

You see, commercial social media deliberately emulates exclusive social clubs where you can mix with stars–without actually delivering. Mastodon is big and confusing and requires more from the user.

Reckless Person Correctly Identifies Why He’s Being Reckless and Why Everyone Is Going to Be Mad at Him.

Time was, self-centered reckless uncaring assholes were mostly just annoyances who occasionally killed someone in a drunk-driving accident. The pandemic has turned them into a present and active danger.

One of the things I learned from doing extensive research on the 1920's for a novel is the fact the popular of the 2020's will be dominated by bullshit like this.

And, maybe to make up for it? That's one of the brightest rainbows I've ever seen!

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A few minutes ago it started raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock. So I took a look at the weather radar since it hadn't knocked out my Internet service like usual.

And it was one little tiny splotch of rain in a mostly clear radar plot. Perfectly centered over my house.

Of course. This is me. It's 2020. I wouldn't expect anything else.

Where are the bodies? Missing remains mean no peace for grieving families in .

Horrible stories. Bodies in the street because there is no where else to put them. Hospitals overwhelmed. Government unable or unwilling to cope.

And some people want it to be like that here.

Politics, Trump, Polls 

Are Older Voters Turning Away From Trump?

I didn't think we'd see this happen! Especially, look at the drop for the over 65 boomer crowd.

TIL about the 'Shopping Car Theory'.

And, if returning the damn cart is all it takes to make you a decent human being, then giving the cashier back that extra twenty she gave you in change makes you a fucking saint.

I keep running into software and APIs using tagging in a way that conflates (tags indicating classification of things or concepts) and (tags consisting of data that provide information about other data).

Now, I'll admit the boundaries between taxonomy and metadata are fuzzy and a tag can easily be both. But there are also cases where it's clearly one or the other.

My brain rebels at this tagsy wagsy mish-mash of use cases. Should I get over it?

Have the Record Number of Investors in the Stock Market Lost Their Minds?

Repeat after me: The stock market is not the . It is a lagging indicator and driven by emotion.

@ant Cool! Personally, I wouldn't worry about writing throughput. Rust has a steep learning curve, so it is ok not be super fast at the beginning. Rather than writing throughput, it is much more important to understand the concepts (e.g. borrowing and ownership).

Cool, if you like Solid, then you will love the SAFEnetwork:
It is a decentralized autonomous network, which is completely written in #rust. They also have collaborated with Solid.

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