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Inslee orders Washingtonians to stay at home to slow spread of coronavirus.

There it is. Washington State is now officially in lockdown.

'Essential' businesses will stay open. You can still go for walks and be outside, you just have to stay six feet away from other people.

Fridge is fixed! Apparently when the last guy replaced the fan, he didn't run the right software update on the fridge, so it didn't recognize the new part and it DRMed it.
In conclusion, refrigerators should not have software.

"When will hate be exhausted?" – Claude Debussy, in the wake of WWI.

Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (pls boost) 

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Boeing to close for fortnight starting Mar 25 

Ask HN: What skills will be useful during the upcoming recession/depression?
#hackernews #tech

it’s weird how “don’t want atrocities to happen” is considered an extremist political position

So there are bathroom vent fans with built-in Bluetooth speakers. I know this because one of my neighbors has one, and it's unsecured.

I also know they just turned it off, because Baby Shark just jumped back to my own speakers.

Got an email from the Times saying I didn't get my Sunday paper today because of . Apparently they are having problems printing and distributing?

Not all that big a deal, but I do enjoy a cup of coffee and reading a physical comics page.

Here's a US company selling Stirling Cycle generators for residential use now: Sefton Motors:

Prices reflect the one-off nature of their production. If these were mass-manufactured it's likely costs could be cut in half and reliability increased.

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BioGen Micro Combined Heat and Power System.

This thing turns biomass (wood pellets, chips, agricultural waste) into electricity and hot water with a combination of a gassifier and a Stirling Cycle engine. This is awesome if it works well enough to be cost-competitive. I know I want one.

Burning biomass as a power source is entirely carbon neutral. Think of it as stored solar energy.

By the end of the fourth week from today the infected count is more than 3.8 million. At the end of two months it's more than 490 million; which is impossible because there aren't that many of us to infect.

At some point the Ro numbers will start dropping because you can't give the disease to someone who already has it – and most people will have it.

Unless, that is, it turns out recovered people do not gain immunity or the virus mutates.

And that's our math for today.

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If we start with the 30,000 number and double every four days, in three weeks the count of infected will be 960,000 and, best case, around 10,000 dead.

If you have time, check my math as I did it pretty quickly.

Also note, this is not a prediction but a calculation based on one known figure (number of deaths). Even if I didn't miss an exponent or press a button one too many times this is purely speculative.

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All of this comes with all kinds of caveats of course. Also, we likely have some number of coronavirus deaths reported as pneumonia and there's a lag between infection and death that isn't reflected in these numbers; where more people are getting infected at the same time people are dying.

And then there's the issue of what happens to the mortality rate when the hospitals become overloaded. It's likely low now because they aren't triaging. Yet.

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As of tonight the reported deaths in the USA has reached ~300. The number tested positive is about 24k, but that isn't a useful number because we aren't doing enough testing.

However, the death count can be a good proxy for the number of infections, because you can work backward using the mortality rate to estimate infections.

Ready? Here's the math for different mortality rates:

* 1% : 30,000

* 2% : 15,000

* 3% : 10,000

Those arguing a 1% mortality rate better hope they're wrong.

Maybe iTunes is trying to tell me something. In the last ten minutes it has played:

* Necropolis - A Covenant of Thorns

* Heaven - Big Top Karma

* The Stench of Death - Noxious Emotion (currently playing)

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And, yes, it is possible for someone who grew up in the '60s to enjoy Industrial music. You should see my collection of KMFDM T-shirts – all bought at shows.

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Apropos of nothing, today I learned a dog does not get fresher breath from chewing up drier sheets.

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