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The days are definitely getting longer. It's nearly five in the evening and it's not entirely dark outside.

Very nearly, but not entirely.

Just found out Neil Peart died. RIP dude.

[starts iTunes and loads up the live version of YYZ]

RT thread from birdsite: – "Oh my god. An SPD officer was searching for a man involved in a hit-and-run in which no one was injured. For "fun", the officer falsely told the suspect's friend someone was in critical condition from the accident... So the driver killed himself. Officer was suspended SIX DAYS."

My comment: ? You've got a problem.

The snow is up to two inches of accumulation and still falling lightly, but I'm expecting it to turn to rain soon.


Tried the GDPR data export from Spotify. By default, you get like 6 JSON files with almost nothing. After many emails and complaining and a month of waiting, I got a 250MB archive with basically EVERY INTERACTION I ever did with any Spotify client, all my searches. Everything.


However, I'm afraid it might be a placebo effect of some kind. It's not like I don't know when I leave the Bay Leaves out. In order to really tell I'd have to do some kind of blind study.

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Does anyone else wonder what the thing is about Bay Leaves? I mean, they are in just about every soup and stew recipe – but it isn't clear WHY. Ever taste one?

I've tried leaving them out and I really can tell the difference. Not as a particular flavor, like most spices, but more in how the umami flavors balance with sweetness or saltiness. The flavors are more … melded?

Anyone want to tell me why I should be using Fossil instead of GIT?

Please keep your answers to the VCS capabilities of Fossil, I already know about the other stuff it does. Thing is, GIT is everywhere. There's even a thread on the Fossil forum about dealing with GIT's ubiquity.

Cascade Writers is holding a 3-day Milford style workshop in Bremerton next July. Price goes up Feb 1 and there's a scholarship available for those who can't afford it.

Attn: and peeps.

Well, hell. I'm out of smoked paprika! I substituted chili powder and sriracha spice for it.

I may have added too many vegetables to the soup. But that's fine with me!

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Forgot about carrots for the soup! Also, didn't mention spices; but I figure that's up to the cook. I'll be using a bay leaf, coriander, cumin, and some smoked paprika.

I'm using brown lentils, which will stand up to a lot of spice and garlic. I'd be using green lentils if I had them, although they are a little trickier to spice correctly.

I do have some red lentils, but their delicate flavor would be lost in this soup. Better for a dahl I think.

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Today I'm making pulled pork sandwiches and pork lentil soup in the same crockpot. Basically just put in 2 lbs raw pork, add some liquid, and let it cook on high for four hours.

Soon I'll be taking out most of the pork and shredding it (leaving some pork bits in the pot), mixing it with some BBQ sauce, and then putting it aside.

To the remaining liquid I'll add onions, garlic, sweet peppers, a can of Rotel, another can of stewed tomatoes, and 1.5 cups of lentils. Cook for 2.5 hours. Dinner!

Google would hate it, of course, because it affects their bottom line and some people (like me) might want to blacklist Google Analytics.

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I was reading some comments on Hacker News and had an epiphany! I know how to kill tracker ads and make a better search engine in one go – do not index any sites with trackers.

The first search engine that does this will eliminate click bait sites and gain users like crazy. Once it has enough users any serious sites who want to be indexed will be forced to remove trackers.

You'll need to whitelist certain trackers used by everyone, but you could optionally allow users to curate the whitelist.

A couple of years ago I paid $650 for a truckload of logs, which worked out to about seven cords. I'm still burning that one pile of wood and what I have left from this year will probably meet half my needs next year. (I also paid a guy $150 to buck the logs up into rounds for me, but I split it myself.)

There's also a climate change argument: burning any biomass is essentially using stored solar energy. You aren't adding carbon dug or pumped out of the ground to the system.

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Compared to other forms of home heating a wood stove has a LOT of disadvantages.

But wood heat has ONE overwhelming advantage: you can go around inside your house without a sweater in January in the northern mountains without it costing you $300 or more.

In a VERY cold month I might burn most of a cord of wood at a cost of ~$150. Most heating months are half that. And I could bring that cost down further by cutting my own trees.

It stopped snowing with about an inch on the ground. Accuweather says I'll get more this afternoon.

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