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Clear skies across W WA make for another great opportunity to spot the @Space_Station
tonight! Next pass is at 5:58 PM where the station will appear in the WNW sky and be visible for 3 mins before disappearing in the NNE sky.

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You guys got five minutes to get your coats on and get out there.

I swear: if I am eating something the dog wants it too. No matter what it is. I've seen her eat mixed veggies, ginger cookies, you name it.

Tonight I made chicken wraps and spilled some bag salad on the floor; think kale, cabbage, that kind of thing.

Yup, she hoovered it up.

But that means, if I binge K-On–and count binging Non Non Byori this week as part of the holiday binging–I'll need to make it an Iyashikei 3-some and also binge Aria.

The fly in the ointment there is I got my hands on a Japanese copy of Aria the Avvenire (never released in the US) and it doesn't have English subtitles.

Does anyone know of a fan translation of Avvenire? I only need the script as I have enough Japanese to keep in sync manually, but not enough to watch without a translation.

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Of course, besides those three movie series, each six films or more, I also watch a bunch of one-time or one-and-a-sequel movies during the holidays. So I'll be doing a lot of video watching over a six week period.

And I'm thinking of adding a TV series to the binge list: K-On!

I rewatched Non Non Byori this last week because I finally got my hands on the 'Vacation' movie which was never released in the US. (Gray market all-region DVD.) So watching K-On! for even more kawaii seems reasonable.

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Getting ready to binge-watch the various movie series I usually binge-watch during the holiday season. Should I start with:

1. Star Wars In modified 'Machete Order' (starting with Rogue One and then going on to A New Hope)

2. The Hobbit followed by the Lord of the Rings (extended editions, of course)

3. The Harry Potter series

You'll notice this series list is fairly short. This is because I'll be going through all of them over the next month.

Is it possible to perform the act of as a true engineering practice? Possibly. It has been tried for certain 'unreliability would be fatal' cases.

Here's the thing: actually reliable software is really fucking expensive. Maybe a hundred times more expensive than how we do it. And the way we do it is wasteful as hell!

Most of what we currently call 'Software Engineering' actually consists of reducing that waste, within the realities of software as a craft.

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Know this: is not 'engineering'. It could be, but that would require everyone to use a formal-body recognized set of programming languages, APIs, and software frameworks. Engineers would express creativity via the easiest and quickest way to solve problems using only those tools.

That's how real engineers do it. They are licensed and bonded. Insured. You don't see "THE BRIDGE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR
IMPLIED…" on signs before you cross a river.

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Just finished listening to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant Massacree. Something of a Thanksgiving tradition around these parts.

If you think a single person is just too small to make a difference, you should read up on Jadav Payeng, the "Forest Man of India".

When he was 16 he started planting trees on a deforested sandbar. He made it a habit of planting at least one tree every single day - over the course of the last four decades.

His forest now encompasses an area of about 1,360 acres / 550 hectares and is home to not only over one hundred elephants, but also monkeys, tigers and deer.

Be the change you desire!

Wow. Three days of eating pork and bean soup do REALLY egregious things to your digestive system.

Woosh! [fans the air]

Mozilla include a feature in Firefox to let me pet the fox

After literally days of my trying to get the dog to use the new pet door she finally grokked it this morning.

Now she is going in and out and in and out just because she can.

When agencies, institutions, brands, celebs, media, et cetera come to the fedi with their own instances, what will the "tipping point" look like?

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When you've spent your whole life wanting to be lead guitar, but the sad truth is you are only a fair lead guitar and you are really, really good at rhythm.

Dancing with my dog to the Grateful Dead version of Werewolves of London.

Like you do.

Supposedly the Star Wars saga is set 'long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away'.

If that's the case and we want to be literal about it, then it means the 'humans' in Star Wars aren't human; but rather human-like aliens in that Galaxy. Moreover, if we consider how stories for human consumption are often modified to meet human preferences and prejudices then they probably didn't actually look much like us, dress like us, love like us, and so on.

In other words: Star Wars is human-washed.

I guess I would be remiss in not pointing out that eating this much pork and beans does have one fragrant side effect.

Luckily, the dog doesn't seem to mind.

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