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The thing about making a big crockpot full of delicious cajun pork and mixed bean soup is, even when you freeze a bunch, you end up eating pork soup for a couple of days straight afterwards.

However, it IS delicious cajun pork and mixed bean soup. So there is that.

Heh! They finally updated and it wasn't with a 'on vacation' placeholder.

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Sarah Sanders, Lies 

Sarah Sanders: 'I don't like being called a liar'

- -

Sarah Sanders: I don't like being called a liar

Every parent in the world: If you don't want to be called a liar then don't lie, it's really very simple

Sanders: I don't understand

If you are new to Girl Genius and like a well-drawn web comic with humor and an action plot you are in for a treat. But you'll have to go through YEARS of archives to get caught up.

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Girl Genius hasn't been updated today. (They're on a M/W/F schedule.)

I suspect the Foglio's have gone on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday and forgot to set up a placeholder. Then certainly ended last Friday on a cliffhanger.

Racism, Accelerationism 

Accelerationism: the obscure idea inspiring white supremacist killers around the world.

Ever read Charlie Stross' Accelerando? Well, this isn't that, although it does have roots in dark-side theory.

"It’s called “accelerationism,” and it rests on the idea that Western governments are irreparably corrupt. As a result, the best thing white supremacists can do is accelerate their demise by sowing chaos and creating political tension."

Trump, Racism 

Why White Nationalists Are Turning on Trump Republicans.

Basically, a faction of the Alt-Right is turning on the Conservative-Right for not being racist enough fast enough and not being sufficiently cruel.

"The insurgent faction’s agenda had three major points: advocating for anti-Semitism; advancing the theory that white Americans are being “replaced” by immigrants, including legal ones; and asserting the necessity of explicit homophobia."

There's a small chance I'll wake tomorrow to snow on the ground. But, if I do, it won't last.

More importantly, I'm looking at nighttime temps in the teens later next week. So I'm going to need to complete all the winterizing projects stat.

And my daughters and their children? Well, they get to deal with the consequences of the previous three generation's thoughtlessness and greed.

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Something I often think of: my grandfather was born in 1901 and plowed fields with a mule when he was a kid. In his life he went from walking behind that plow to flying in jet aircraft and watching men walk on the moon.

My father was born right before WWII. In his lifetimes computers went from expensive toys to ubiquitous appliances connected to a world network.

I was born the same year the space age began and all I get to see is everything come apart because we didn't manage the changes well.

Soaked the beans last night and now I have Cajun-style mixed-bean pork soup going in the crockpot.

I'll need to start some bread later, so I can have fresh bread with it for dinner.

This plant communications system works similarly to the nervous system of animals. Trees can send out electrical pulse signals underground as well as signals through the air, via pheromones and gasses. When an animal, for instance, begins chewing on a tree’s leaves, the tree can release ethylene gas into the soil, alerting other trees, …

#TheRealS0s #Druidry #Evolution #Botony

Trump, Impeachment 

The Impeachment Hearings Have Shown the Policy Costs of Trump’s Narcissism.

So, basically, if we've learned nothing else this past week we have learned the GOP is backing the idea that what is good for Trump is good for the country. This is very bad. Very dangerous.

Related: How to See the Northern Lights in the United States: Where, When and How to Watch.

I missed the news last night and didn't go look, despite clear skies here. But I'll be outside tonight. Hopefully I'll see an tonight to make up for being in the wrong place to see the Alpha Monocerotids.

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A Rare Meteor Shower May Grace The Skies Tonight.

"With a bit of luck, people in the Eastern United States will be able to witness a rare meteor shower known as the Alpha Monocerotids late Thursday night. Two astronomers predicted the outburst will last less than an hour and could even yield more than 400 in that time."

The act of Engineering consists of making a copy of a bridge. Thus all the time and effort put into creating specialized tools and working out the structural strength/weathering patterns of your materials; because those never vary.

But there's no money in copying software. So, even if you are simply creating version 22.06b of a venerable word processor you have to do something different you've never done before or there's no point.

And all your tools and materials are software too.

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I've always hated the term 'Software Engineer'. It devalues the term 'engineer' and it misrepresents what software creators do.


When Engineers build a new kind of bridge for the first time they have all kinds of problems; resulting in time and cost overruns. New kinds of bridges requires a lot of creative problem solving. However, once they've solved the problems the next similar bridge is quick and cheap and safe.

Software is a new bridge every fucking time, because copies cost nothing.

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