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Another list of programming jobs 'for me' from Linkedin, despite my having marked my profile as 'retired'.

When will they get the message and start sending me lists of Wal-Mart greeter jobs?

Costume victory: One daughter is the Lunar Lander, one an astronaut. This makes me giddy. I hope their candy sample return containers overflow.

And that's nothing on how it smells when it is baking!

The bread machine just beeped that it was done. The bread is still too hot to cut and eat, of course, but I'll probably do it anyway. It smells so good!

Looks like my old bread machine still has some life in it! If I can find a missing part I'll have a second, newer, bread machine working as well.

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How could I have forgotten how great the house smells when the bread is rising?

Put dry ingredients into the bread machine. Make a hole in the middle and add wet ingredients; first warming the buttermilk in the microwave. Add yeast. Use Basic White Bread setting for the loaf size. If the ingredients do not form a ball after a few minutes add a splash more buttermilk. If too loose add a handful of flour.

Note: I've had the more success with this recipe than with any other I've tried. OTOH I haven't tried making bread in years, so we'll see if I can still make it work!

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Recipe for Buttermilk Whole Wheat Bread (bread machine)

Ingredients (small - 1 lb) [large - 1.5 lb]:

* (3/4) [1 1/3] cups buttermilk
* (1) [1] egg
* (1) [1 1/2] tablespoons butter, melted (or olive/other vegetable oil)
* (1) [2] tablespoons white sugar (or honey)
* (3/4) [1] teaspoon salt
* (1) [1 1/2] cups bread flour
* (1) [1 1/2] cup whole wheat flour
* (1) [1] teaspoons active dry yeast

(cont'd next toot)

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Today was mostly about dealing with stuff I needed to take care of, not doing things I want to get done. Plus I've been super lazy the past week.

Next on my plate today: break out the bread machine and see if it still works. Haven't used it in eight years or so.

I keep banging on about creative co-ops on the Internet and yet I forget to mention one of the oldest and most successful? Doh!

Book View Cafe is a 100% author-owned publishing co-op selling ebooks. 90% of the cover price goes directly to the author and 10% maintains the co-op. Best part? No DRM!

I should also point out that one of the founders of Book View Cafe was the late Vonda McIntyre, who we all miss terribly.

Snow blower update: After failing to contact anyone at Tractor Supply I did some Internet digging and found the local number for the shipping company. When I called them they gave me a bit of a song and dance, but when pressed said they could deliver tomorrow between 3:00 and 6:00 PM.

I waited here at home all day yesterday for something that's been fifty miles away since last Sunday. I should have just had it shipped to the stored and picked it up myself.

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My new snow blower was supposed to arrive today. The shipping tracker says, "Out for delivery," but it's nearly 6:30 PM and no delivery truck.

Not having luck with deliveries today… (See earlier toot about the borked monitor.)

Made and froze a gallon of salsa, using the last of my garden tomatoes. Learned I need to run each ingredient separately through the food processor, otherwise tomatoes turn to puree while the onions are partly chopped and the peppers are barely affected.

when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

Back to using my Apple Thunderbolt Cinema display again after disconnecting it when it was having problems before and just using the laptop screen.

It's working right now, but if it starts glitching again I've got an older non-thunderbolt Cinema display I can use until I get something better.

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Crap. The new monitor I ordered arrived with a cracked screen. Now I have to deal with sending it back. Also, since it was a refurb, I can't get a replacement; only a refund. So the search for another monitor is back on.

Trump, Ukraine 

Of those three categories, only the last showed an ounce of honesty and good conduct. The rest went along even when they knew it was wrong, clearly not thinking in the best interests of the country or even their own selves – not considering the odds they will end up on the other side of a congressional inquiry into their and Trump's actions.

No job, no political party, is worth risking jail for. Much less worth abrogating your oath to the nation and the Constitution for.

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Trump, Ukraine 

It's increasingly clear that everyone involved with the Ukraine shakedown, with the possible exception of Trump and the remoras clinging to his ass, realized Trump was asking for an illegal quid pro quo.

As we are learning from the impeachment investigation, the participants fall into three categories:

1. Denied until questioned under oath

2. Denied under oath and then reversed themselves at the advice of lawyers

3. Pushed back or contacted lawyers while it was happening

In the end there were no high winds last night and the power stayed on. So my preparations were in vain, unless you believe in the Law of Perversity.

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