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Due to ongoing back pain, a general feeling of ennui, and the ongoing political dumpster fire eating up my attention I didn't get anything done on my today.

Instead I had a down-day, which is good given how busy I've been lately. Tomorrow I've need to get back at it though.

There's a new official #Rust blog!

"Welcome to the inaugural post of the Inside Rust blog! This is a new blog where the various Rust teams and working groups can post updates about new developments. It's a great place to watch if you're interested in following along with Rust development"

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Politics, Trump, Crazytown has finally been [properly] replaced with

It's a site, based on Laravel, providing CC0 and public domain SVG files, including the 55,000+ we scraped from

#openclipart #svg #inkscape

Today I unloaded the cargo trailer by myself. Took a while, given it was loaded using a forklift and two people. I also made a start at cutting out the knots and splits in the cedar tongue and groove boards I bought.

I feel like I should have done more on my today, but my back is killing me. So I'm done for now.

It's been a long day that started last night, when I drove down to my parents place and arrived quite late. Then I got up early this morning and went with my mother to her chemo session. Afterwards I started home, stopping in Tacoma to load up my cargo trailer with some house materials I bought in an online auction. Then stopped again in Federal Way to have dinner with my daughter and grandkids. Then finally drove through Seattle in heavy traffic and arrived home half an hour ago.

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Politics, Supid Watergate 

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Literal frost on the pumpkin last night: it got down to 32f. Looks like a sunnier day today, skies partially clear with high cirrus clouds.

Spent the day organizing stuff in the house and decluttering. (Need to make a trip down below to drop stuff off at the Goodwill soon.)

Then I moved over everything from the fifth wheel that I'll need to stay in the house. Both the decluttering and moving permanently into the house are a process, not an event, and much remains to be done.

My back is sure hurting right now. I'll be sorry I got so much done tonight and tomorrow.

Every creator could just set up a business and accept credit cards directly. But aside from the time and hassle involved there's the high processing fees for small businesses.

So I'm wondering, how about artist co-ops supported by an Open Source patronage software system? No profit motive.

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I'm thinking about the latest Kickstarter kerfluffle and thinking about PayPal and KoFi and Patreon and all the rest and I'm wondering something…

There's no good way to croud-support a person or a project that doesn't involve some corporation (with profit motives) taking a cut.

Even when the company isn't evil, if it prospers it will be acquired or will otherwise change. We need something not tied to stockholder value.

And checks in the mail ain't happening.

After last week's realization that I really wanted to spend a lazy Sunday morning slowly going through the paper like I did when I was a kid I went ahead and got a Sunday delivery subscription to the Seattle Times. Today was my first delivery of an actual printed-on-paper newspaper in nearly thirty years. (Yes, they do deliver them way the hell out here.)

And, you know what? So far, so good.

If you live in the Seattle area you will want want to plan a trip around the loop next weekend to view the Fall colors.

Just drive up I5 to Burlington and go east on highway 20 through Sedro Wooley and Concrete to Rockport. Then go south on highway 530 (honk when you go by my place) through Darrington and Arlington back to I5 and home. Or you can do it the other direction.

Either way the trees will be in full color and the eagles will be flying.

(I'll provide a list of brewpubs if requested.)

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Prairie Mountain, south east of me, got just the slightest dusting of snow on the top last night, and you can still see some of it now.

The maples are turning with gusto now and the alders are starting to turn. What's left of my garden is the tomatoes I'm hoping against hope will still ripen and the pumpkins.

Right now it's cool and windy outside and I have a fire going in the wood stove.

Fall has fallen folks. And Winter is coming.

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