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You know, I used to believe that crap about, "If you raise the taxes the rich people will just leave and take their money."

But now that I've seen a good chunk of the world? I *really* doubt it. For one, most of the places with low taxes are what people who don't like taxes call 'shithole countries'.

For another? Pretty much all the nice places to live collect high taxes – as opposed to just having high taxes on the books but letting rich people skate.

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This is beautiful and I've never thought about this before:

the convention we have in Unix to pass pre-opened stdin/stdout/stderr fds is not just a nice way to tell the program where to read its input from and output its result/logs to; it is exactly how capability passing should work in a capability-based system. This also is another reason why accepting an -o option (for "output file") is a bad idea.

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The North Cascades Highway is officially BACK! The 37-mile route through the Cascade range travels through Whatcom, Skagit, Chelan and Okanogan counties. Have you taken in the beauty before?

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Sailing the practice boat Tom and I built for the Bodega Bay Wooden Boat Challenge. 3 hours, using hand tools (battery powered drills and screwdrivers are okay) and the provided materials, and then you race.

Xpra is an multi-platform persistent remote display server and client for forwarding applications and desktop screens.

"… allows you to run programs, usually on a remote host, direct their display to your local machine, and then to disconnect from these programs and reconnect from the same or another machine, without losing any state. It can also be used to forward full desktops, from servers, MS Windows, or Mac OS X."

Today I received the first 'poison pen' letter I've ever seen.

It was anonymous, of course. It wasn't targeted at me, it was addressed to my P.O. box, so everyone with a box likely got one.

The target of the letter was someone I don't know personally. (Small town, so I probably met her at some point.) The letter was an angry rant against this person, urging recipients to contact Child Protective Services on her.

I'm left feeling rather unsettled–I don't like this shit.

I'm beginning to think ALL wisdom is only learned the hard way, with much accompanying pain, and can never be taught like a skill. The most you can do is tell someone something and, years later, maybe that person sits up suddenly after experiencing a huge failure and goes, "That's what he meant!"

And that's my pearl of wisdom for you today…

And, in the cases where the old people do have the necessary expertise and feel the young folk still aren't listening?

Well, that is often an entirely different problem: every learning curve looks shallow when you are standing on top of it.

Speaking as an older person, I would be a lot more open to hearing other old people complain about young people not listening to their wisdom if those same old people didn't display a deep lack of wisdom by lecturing young people on things they have no expertise in.

For example, Global Warming…

Real wisdom avoids the Dunning/Kruger side of any debate.

When you take a look at one of your old stories, yet unfinished, and realize it is actually pretty good and you need to wrap it up and submit it somewhere.

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