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So, there I was researching the size of a facility required for life support of one person (like you do) and in this NASA paper I read it requires SEVENTEEN trees per person to process our carbon dioxide.

And, you know, I think maybe we need to plant more trees. I've already got a bit more than an acre of them here, but I think I need to up my game.

So, if you want me to plant 17 trees for you, DM me and I'll tell you where to ship them.

Sorry, but the Heat Death of the universe is actually the nice option.

[quote]… if [the] cosmological constant were strong enough to make the whole theoretical story fit together, it would do more than slowly isolate galaxies over time. It would violently rip apart all structure in the universe.[/quote]

I'm left suddenly thinking about the Robert Frost poem, 'Fire and Ice'.

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Indigenous groups in convene to talk resistance in the Amazon

[quote]“Our objective is to unite in defense of our territory,” Edison Gualinga, president of the Shiwiar Nation … Gualinga added that they are stronger fighting together. “We don’t want to lose our culture, we don’t want to lose our customs, we don’t want the rivers to be contaminated, or that the spirits that exist in the earth and in the water, we don’t want them to be destroyed.”[/quote]

Just planted a bunch of seedling trays. Basic vegetables and herbs.

I'm container gardening again this year, so I'll be starting a new batch as soon as this one sprouts and gets transplanted to the containers.

Looking forward to the salads!

Yesterday I did basically nothing all day; I needed some downtime really badly, so I just watched and ate junk food and played guitar and thought about things while it poured rain outside.

Today I have a whole range of chores to do and a memorial gathering in Seattle to attend. I wish I could just do yesterday again.

HermiTux, a binary-compatible .

"HermiTux is a unikernel: a minimal operating system with low memory/disk footprint and sub-second boot time, executing an application within a single address space on top of an hypervisor. Moreover, HermiTux is binary-compatible with Linux: it can run native Linux executables."

See the wild, customized creations of Indonesia’s ‘rebel riders’.

These custom scooters are WAY cool. Radical custom as an form!

The New York Times obituary of Vonda N. McIntyre.

"When Ms. McIntyre herself received a diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in early February, she felt driven to finish her final novel … On March 21, Ms. Hawkins provided an emphatic update. 'Vonda has finished _Curve of the World_!' she wrote. Ms. McIntyre died 11 days later."

Note to people selling stuff on Craigslist: when you say 'text only' or 'phone calls only' or 'must include phone number in email' you are (a) saying exactly the same thing as scammers who post fake ads to harvest phone numbers and (b) making it unlikely I'll respond because email is my preferred medium until I know you aren't a scammer.

Craigslist does an excellent job of preserving anonymity in email responses. There's a reason for that.

Alma Alexander's obituary of Vonda N. McIntyre.

"Back in Auckland in 1995 you were an unknown to me. But I discovered you, then. And I kept on discovering you. And the unknown writer became a vibrant, kind, smart, passionate person – one whom I have been proud and happy to know."

All humor boils to to one (or both) of two things: (1) surprise – a twist you didn't see coming – and (2) someone else – not you – getting hurt.

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Politics, Mueller Report, Subpeonas 

Politics, Mueller Report 

KDevelop supports CMake.

I'm looking for a full-featured Open Source IDE supporting and . So far the only one I've found with any kind of a track record is KDevelop, but the OSX support for it is 'experimental'.

Anyone use KDevelop on a Mac? Any other suggestions for C IDEs?

(Pls boost if you have programmer followers.)

Cling is an interactive C++ interpreter, built on the top of LLVM and Clang libraries.

Basically this is a for ++. I'm interested in trying it as a way to do interactive sandbox testing/debugging of code.

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