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Well, according to Wikipedia (again) I am part of 'Generation Jones'.

I've never heard of this before, but apparently it's a thing. To quote, "Generation Jones is the social cohort of the latter half of the Baby boomers to the first years of Generation X … Key characteristics assigned to members are pessimism, distrust of government, and general cynicism."

I've always just told people I am as old as the Space Age. If you know history, you now know the year I was born.

According to Wikipedia 'Baby Boomers' consist of the generation born between 1946 and 1964.

That makes me a Boomer, but here's the thing: it also makes my parents Boomers. So, can a 'generation' include more than one generation?

I've never felt like I was a Boomer really. I certainly do not represent the typical Boomer in my attitudes and preferences. (Anime anyone?)

But then I don't identify with any other named generations either; so what am I?

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Dang it, it's March already? How did that happen? And I've STILL got a foot of snow on the ground out there.

Got another three inches of fresh snow overnight. Still have a foot of old snow on the ground too. Spring seems so far away right now.

I was born before 1960 and grew up in a world under threat of nuclear annihilation. In my teens I saw a criminal president forced out of power.

Then things got better. We still had problems, but I no longer feared immanent nuclear war or felt our politics was deeply corrupt.

Today it's all come rushing back and worse than ever. An order of magnitude worse. And capped with a threat of soon-to-be irreversible Climate Change.

Have we learned nothing?

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🦔 TOMORROW @ 2PM: "Get Secure with Quillux OS" Looking for a more secure and privacy-respecting operating system? Privacy Lab has developed Quillux GNU/Linux with you in mind. Quillux includes Signal, Wire, @torproject Browser, PGP/GPG e-mail and more. 🦔

Vandals have broken into a historic church in Dublin and stolen the head of an 800-year-old mummy nicknamed "The Crusader."

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And here's an hour later, zoomed out a little so you can see where the only inhabited area of Western Washington getting snow is. (Hint: my place is under one of the dark-blue spots.)

Snowing really hard right now. At this rate I'm going to be snowed in again.

Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second with the help of SIMD instructions:

Wow! It's really snowing hard right now. Big, wet flakes coming down like crazy. Hope this doesn't stick, 'cuz I'm supposed to drive into Seattle tomorrow.

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