Apparently some people need to hear this…

It is totally fair to use your own words against you after you say something stupid, incorrect, or damaging; UNLESS you apologize publicly and accept responsibility for any problems they have caused.


If you want free research on a topic, post a slightly inaccurate statement about it on a social media account with a female avatar.

If you want free pentesting by security experts, become the de facto product they all must use during a global pandemic.

@emma Some other grifter apparently. The world is full of them.

Want to go deeper down the rabbit hole on this?

From one of the links above, here is the Venezuelan government's official response: “The cruise ship “RCGS Resolute” is not a cruise ship. It is a military pirate ship that attacked the Navy patrol boat. It has 160 paramilitaries on board (possibly more) and, denounces the CEOFANB, equipped with inflatable boats to mobilize commandos and execute night raids.”

[gives Venezuelan government the side eye]

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Some even weirder details about the cruise ship attacked by the Venezuelan navy.



Looks like the operators have a history of not paying their bills unless a ship is seized. So, do they owe money to Venezuela? Is that what's this is about?

Note: Military attacks on unarmed ships in International waters is not a proper or recommended way to dun someone for a bill.

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Venezuelan warship shoots, rams into German cruise vessel before sinking.

This is INSANE and would be front page news everywhere if we weren't experiencing a pandemic.

How insane? First, the cruise ship is an icebreaker with a reinforced hull – and they tried to ram it? Second, this was an attack on an unarmed ship by Venezuelan military in INTERNATIONAL WATERS and is effectively an act of war. Third, why? What were they trying to accomplish?

"The notion of [The Soviet's food production] was it's supposed to be our [food]. It's not supposed to be [people's food] that they then [eat]." – Stalin's son-in-law

Woke-posting from outside the U.S. is actually cosplaying and cultural appropriation. But it's also fine.

It is the third of April It is snowing.

This is actually not that unusual where I live.

@xminusone Thank you. Don't know much more than I said there yet. Fingers crossed.

You know what I think is going to make more real to people?

Not the government warnings. Not the stay-at-home orders. Not even the pictures of body bags or refrigerator trucks in New York.

I think the wake-up call will be first person stories on social media of people losing family they were unable to say goodbye to because no visitors are allowed in ICUs.

These stories are already showing up. And they are heartbreaking.

Just heard my youngest sister, a health care worker in Oregon, is 'presumed positive' for the coronavirus.

She's over fifty with two significant risk factors. Right now she is home and running a fever.

My dog just sneaked up and shoved her cold nose up the arm of my t-shirt and into my armpit and I'm like, "Ooogh, Eeegh, Sto-o-o-op that!"

What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage
It isn’t really about hoarding. And there isn’t an easy fix.

Interesting article about supply chains. And it explains 40% of the toilet paper shortage. :0

But when I dug a little deeper I found this little notice indicating death counts for the last three days might be undercounted. Dang.

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Looks like Washington State got it's tracking database back online.

I was afraid when they started reporting again there would be a big jump in the death count, indicating earlier numbers were short. That doesn't seem to be the case. Instead we jumped by 50 deaths in a three-day span.

That keeps us on the 'deaths double every 5/6 days' track, ahead of almost every other place in the US.

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