@fribbledom That is very interesting to me. As a guitarist I use 9v batteries in effects units and such.

Western Washington is in the midst of a "moderate" drought, and long-range forecasts indicate a very dry summer. patch.com/washington/across-wa

"Federal water supply forecasters predict lower available water supplies this summer in all areas except the southern part of the state. As weather conditions change, the water supply forecasts will evolve as well, but the chance for major changes in outlook will diminish as we get closer to the dry season."

Suppose there was a drug that cured clinical depression by turning the person taking it into one of those happy-go-lucky the-glass-still-has-water-in-it types who never let anything get them down.

Would you recommend it to a depressed friend?

Suppose there was a drug that gives sociopaths fully-formed consciences, but leaves intact their memories of how they harmed others. Every cruelty and abuse they committed.

Would you slip some into a sociopath's drink?

Suppose there was a drug that gave you amnesia and changed your personality. One dose and you start a new life as a completely different person. Move away and change your name first and you might not have any baggage from your old life at all.

Would you take it?

jamovi is a new “3rd generation” statistical . Designed from the ground up to be easy to use, jamovi is a compelling alternative to costly products such as SPSS and SAS. jamovi.org/

A group of motorcycles just went by my place, easily going 90 to 100 MPH. Now waiting to hear the sirens from the emergency responders when one of them inevitably crashes.

Trump, WTF 

Cloudfall is some ideas on personal data and apps by the same guy who designed Desktop Neo. thecloudfall.com/

Desktop Neo – rethinking the desktop interface for productivity. desktopneo.com/

There are some interesting ideas here, but using three-finger gestures for everything would drive me bats. I like my trackball too much to give it up.

@danlyke One of the nice things about Mastodon is I can hide some stuff (including my 'favorites') from third parties. So, if I wanted to use the 'favorite' button to mark things I want to look at again later (an actual use case), I can.

Yet I still tend not to use the 'favorites' feature. Habit?

In any case, hashtags have the potential for providing a higher resolution 'reaction' system, assuming we have a shared folksonomy for the reaction tags.

Also, there's an existing system of emojis!

Why I don't like 'like' or 'favorite' buttons… [mini-rant-listicle]

1. It adds easily machine-readable detail to your social graph

2. It's a lazy way to indicate approval; if you really like it respond with kudos or expand on the idea

3. It is extremely low resolution messaging; what does 'like' really signify?

3.a Are you supposed to 'like' a post about someone going through a bad patch; does that indicate support?

3.b While there are infinite shades of feelings, 'like' is black and white

Report: Google News Does Not Have an Anti-Conservative Bias So Much as a Pro-Credible Source One. gizmodo.com/report-google-news

Problem here? For me this represents confirmation bias. For the loony right it's just more proof there's a giant conspiracy to keep them from getting their own confirmation bias fix.

Went to Vonda N. McIntyre's memorial service today. Looks like nearly 200 people attended. Lots of stories were shared. Some came all the way across the country. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vonda_N.

I've know Vonda since the mid '90s, but some of the people there knew her since the early 1970s, when she established Clarion West.

Beaker is an experimental for exploring and building the peer-to-peer Web. beakerbrowser.com/

"Beaker brings publishing to the peer-to-peer Web, turning the browser into a supercharged tool for sharing websites, files, apps, and more."

Based on the DAT protocol. datprotocol.github.io/how-dat-

They are using souped-up feeds! pfrazee.hashbase.io/blog/unwal

EspoTek Labrador Board. espotek.com/labrador/

"All-in-one USB Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Power Supply, Logic Analyzer and Multimeter."

Basically a tiny lab with a USB connection and Open Source software.

Xprotolab Plain is another one, with just a bit less functionality. gabotronics.com/oscilloscopes/

Politics, Leftward Shift 

Gah! I've been putting in too many work hours lately. My brain is so full of C code there's no room for anything else anymore.

Gotta do something entirely different this weekend or I'll segfault my head.

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