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The piss-yellow icing on that shit cake is how the man's death has resulted in ridiculous claims of 'illegal intubation' and 'engineered viruses'.

I don't really care if a Republican campaign files it's paperwork on time or not, but I do care about people's lives. It's bad enough that man died due to a stupid vaccine conspiracy theory, but to fling more at the hospital where he died and scare people who might need treatment away?

That deserves an ass kicking.

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Politics, Software, Hit by a bus 

In every software development shop there are always two or three programmers you can't afford to lose. In the vernacular, "What if you get hit by a bus," means don't take another job, don't get sick, don't get in an accident. We need you.

> Anti-Mask Florida Official Dies of COVID—and Takes GOP Software Secrets With Him. Surviving colleagues had to tell the FEC that Tampa’s GOP committee might be late with its filing… thedailybeast.com/gregg-prenti

Being old has few advantages; even fewer when you consider how little experience and perspective count with other people.

For example, you might look at something younger people are passionate about and remember when you felt the same way and how little change you were able to effect at the time despite your own passion and dedication. But telling someone who is passionate this will only sound like sour grapes. And, besides, they are doing nothing wrong.

So you smile and offer encouragement…

In related news: I've been burning wood for heat mornings and evenings for a week now. Keeps the electricity bill down, but also a reminder I haven't finished cutting and splitting the wood I'll need for winter.

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The forecast is rain today and throughout the weekend. This is the longest continuous period of rain we've had here in the Pacific Northwest since May.

If you live anywhere else in the world you might find this fact unremarkable. But if you are from around here it's crazy-pants territory. I mean, we used to joke about how got a whole two weeks of summer every year.

And now we get real summers punctuated by two weeks of 'heat domes' with record-shattering temperatures.

Funimation seems to be having problems today. Website forwards to a page saying something about maintenance.

Checked the usual 'is this down' sites and thousands of reports about the website, the phone apps, game console, smart TV. Looks like the whole thing is fubared.

I'm curious of course. What happened? Third party or (more likely) self-inflicted?

Was reading an oragesite post where people are going on about technical debt and remembered an argument I lost a long time ago when I was a Software Architect.

I was saying the best way to avoid technical debt is to (a) create good abstractions and (b) make a clean separation of concerns between the feature areas. And you CAN do both these things iteratively.

My boss said, "Maybe YOU can, but I have 20 engineers who can't and our goal is to sell the company before the bill comes due."


Yeah. Makes sense to keep it if your primary purpose is occasional announcements for those who are still addicted.

Realized this morning I haven't logged onto the birdsite for well over a year – and the last time was a one-off to make an announcement.

At this point I think it's safe to say I've done the one thing harder than deleting my account there – left it up without giving a damn. Take that you endorphin-triggering algorithms and doom-scrolling incentives!

Still, I'm sad there were so few I knew there who made their own journey to the fediverse…

Me: "If you believe a conspiracy of that scale could be carried out without any evidence you could bring into a court of law, I have a bridge to sell you."

Easily deluded conspiracy theorist: "Really? A bridge? Where and how much?"

One for the files. (And more proof there are some people who can be fooled ALL the time.)

> Ex-Infowars Star Sells Mysterious Gadget Dubbed the ‘Cucks’. thedailybeast.com/ex-infowars-

I've talked about it before, but I'm pretty good at throwing together easy, tasty (and sometimes *interesting*) dinners out of available ingredients.

Sometimes they turn out kind of special and I figure on making them again, only more 'on-purpose' and less 'seat-of-the-pants'. rustedneuron.com/web/statuses/

Sometimes there's nothing wrong with them, but they don't go on the memory shelf either.

Tonight was one of those nights…


Ketamine might actually do them some good…

Not against COVID, but considering most Q-balls are dealing with some mental illness it might reset their brains.

I'll admit it. One reason I read certain orangesite posts is to see people shooting down jerkwads and conspiracy nuts with common sense and take-no-prisoners language.

TL;DR: Researchers prove message propagation in social networks follows a power law. No one who has been paying attention is surprised.

> Social networks - It's worse than you think. meta.ath0.com/2020/12/social-n

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