Now it can be told! I've sold my "space opera caper novel" The Kuiper Belt Job to small press Caezik SF & Fantasy for publication in March 2023!

Politics, Who's running in 2024 

I'm actually more concerned about who the Democrats will nominate.

Attention Democratic Party: Please don't make me vote for Hillary Clinton as the only alternative to whoever the Republicans do eventually nominate! Please, I'm begging you.

I mean, I'd crawl a mile over broken glass to vote for Elizabeth Warren. But I know you'll never let that happen. So, if you are gonna nominate some banking-friendly drone anyway, please not Hillary!


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Politics, Who's running in 2024 

There's a lot of talk that Trump will soon officially declare candidacy for President in the next election – significantly ahead of the normal cycle.

The reason? (Other than, you know, *actually* running?) It would be more difficult and politically fraught for the DoJ to bring charges against a viable presidential candidate. So it would be a defensive move.

Fine. Whatever.


Politics, Trump, Wire Fraud 

> The Sleeper ‘Wire Fraud’ Scheme That Could Nail Trumpworld.

I'm skeptical that seeking money based on a lie and spending it differently than promised will result in Trump facing criminal liability. Because politics…

Thing is politicians routinely do shit like this and get away with it. They even pass laws making it easier for themselves to raise money based on lies.

My advice? If you want to commit mail fraud, go into politics. Or religion.

Politics, Trump, Not eleven, but two 

> There Are 11 Types of Donald Trump Enablers. Which One Are You?

Eleven? Nah, there's only two kinds of Trumpkin: Assholes and Idiots. (And many are both.)

I'm not talking to myself! There's a dog here.

No, wait… That didn't help, did it?

Ah… Evening, a few days before the Fourth of July, in the USA, in a rural area with no local law enforcement, near an Indian reservation with fireworks sales booths.

And that means illegal fireworks going off every few seconds…

All night…

For days on end…

Software Freedom Conservancy: Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come! #LWN

Today I learned ( ) the plural of 'axis' is 'axes'.

And it bugs the fuck out of me. That's just not right!

Just got a beg email from asking me to contact the FCC to help them in a fight they have going over radio spectrum with Dish. I suspect they are shading the truth a bit…

Politics, Charlotte Observer calls it 

Really, it can't get much more succinct than this headline:

> Cassidy Hutchinson isn’t a hero. The men around her are just cowards.

When the news-media headline says 'surprising'. But on reading the article it seems 'obvious'.

Politics, Who Flips First? Taking the fifth 

Update: When Michael Flynn 'took the Fifth' to avoid answering what he believed…

> An overlooked 'wow' moment from the 1/6 committee's latest hearing.

I mean, if what you *believe* opens you up to potential criminal charges there's a gaping hole of fucked up between you and everything else.

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Politics, Who Flips First? Pardons 

In any case, it's entirely possible Trump did issue pardons for himself and his family and selected other individuals, we won't know unless they are indicted and need to drag them out.

The bigger problem, of course, is the President of the USA, no matter who it is, has untrammeled authority to issue pardons to anyone for any reason. Even, according to some interpretations, themselves.

While such a power may be used for good, it may also be abused.


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Politics, Who Flips First? Pardons 

You see, if there is no criminal liability attached, the Fifth Amendment is moot. And that means someone with a pardon can be forced to testify and sent to jail if they refuse or lie; because that creates a whole new criminal act.

Therefore it was in Trump's interests to *not* pardon those with the most to lose. Of course, that doesn't stop the DoJ from offering them a deal, leading to the same results.


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Politics, Who Flips First? Pardons 

Related: There's been a lot of talk about Trump's lawyers and other abettors seeking pardons after the events of January 6th. There's no question *why* they wanted the pardons, but why didn't they get them?

Here are my thoughts: Some of them might *have* gotten pardons from Trump; it's possible to create a pardon and seal it, to be unsealed and waived around if needed. But a bigger problem, for Trump, is the Fifth Amendment…

Let me explain.


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