Follow up: Now the CDC has retracted their statement regarding spread. Wasn't even up 24 hours.


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Studio Ghibli released an extensive gallery of screenshots from various films on its website on Friday. The notice included a personal signed message by co-founder Toshio Suzuki stating that the public is free to use the images for personal use "within the bounds of common sense."

Politics, Supreme Court 

Two things:

1. McConnell isn't 'stealing Ginsberg's seat'; he stole Garland's seat in 2016, but Ginsberg's is Trump's to nominate

2. It's about a whole lot of things, but mostly this time around I think it's about the chance to have the court throw out some ballots in a swing state or two and hand the election to Trump

Prepare to lose your democracy folks…

It took me sixty-three years to get here, but I have managed to reduce my personal ethical guidelines to three guiding principles:

1. Give a shit about how what I do and say affects other people; even – especially – when I can't avoid hurting them

2. Prioritize intellectual honesty over my emotional responses to difficult questions

3. Always be willing to admit when I am wrong and to make a serious effort in avoiding the same mistakes in the future

Wow. Ethiopian Harrar (aka 'Mocha') blended 1 to 1 with Kona is *terrific*! I just made a pour-over cup of the blend using beans from my last roasting and it fully met my hopes for being good, if not my expectations for the actual flavor profile.

The resulting cup tastes nothing like either coffee alone. This isn't 'Kona with added brightness and chocolate notes', this is something else entirely and I'm not sure what to make of it yet.

All I can say is I *will* be making *more* of it.

So, I'm seeing headlines about the CDC changing their tune and saying spreads through the air on aerosols and droplets. Meaning handwashing is good, but wear a fucking mask, right?

Except I feel like the headlines should read, "Government scientists finally admit something even non-scientists who were paying attention already knew."

The really sad part? This toot should probably have a 'politics' content warning. WTF is wrong with us?

Today's hot take: Ignorance is possibly the only serious problem in this world with a simple and straightforward solution, easily pursued by the person afflicted with ignorance.

However, there is no cure for willful ignorance and that form of the disease is endemic.

It's 2020 and I still can't attach arbitrary metadata to files or search them using a domain-specific query language other than simple text matching.

I've got a lot of ongoing projects here, many of which use lumber of one kind or another. The other day I went to buy some more 2x4s and discovered prices for them have tripled in the last couple of months!

Turns out? Between pandemic shutdowns of lumber mills and people staying home due to , doing various DIY projects, we now have a lumber shortage. Supply and demand in action.

The difference between doing something out of superstition and doing something because it worked once or twice before is – you actually believe the superstition will work.

In the later case it's really more about doing something because you gotta do *something*.

Trade War, Trump, China 

Bloomberg New Economy: China is Winning the Trade War With Trump.

"… the final scorecard is already in: On just about every metric that matters, China is ahead. At every turn, Trump seems to have been outplayed and outsmarted throughout the global trade war that began shortly after he took office."

Well, the rain seems to have cleared the air; no more smoke. I can do things outside again!

I'm sorry. I'm being too serious today. Here's a black cat riding a unicorn and a cute bunny…

I'm convinced nearly everyone with a political opinion (meaning: nearly everyone in the world) is unable to logically justify that opinion with reference to historical precedent and deconstruction of the core principles. In fact, they may not even *know* the core principles.

Basically, it's all just emotion and what your peer group thinks. Which is why Social Media is so toxic for politics: because it allows for artificial peer groups.

Mind you, there are exceptions. Are you one?


@zensaiyuki I should point out that, historically and in the long run, chaos affects the poor more than the rich; the underclasses more than the majority.

Meaning, IMO, leftists supporting accelerationism are at best Leninists willing to allow millions to suffer and die to further their goals. In other words? They aren't after social justice – they simply want power.

And – also IMO – all of them, left and right, are dupes of oligarchs with their own agendas.


@zensaiyuki There are those on both the right and the left who believe society will soon completely break down into chaos; allowing them to achieve their goals.

Accellerationism is doing things to hurry the process along. Including helping your enemies, if that hastens the chaos.

The idea started on the right, but now there are leftists pushing it as well. Meanwhile, BLM is caught in the middle – a good cause now associated with leftism and violence due to fellow travelers.

When you look at the news … and then immediately consider re-activating four-year-old plans to move out of the country.

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