Gibson's genius (and Stevenson's, to a lesser extent) lies in writing stories you can enjoy with half your brain tied behind your back – while weaving in word puzzles and little epistemological mysteries for those of us willing to work for a richer experience.

Related: If anyone is interested I'll tell the story about the first time I met Gibson in the late 1980s and asked him if he'd read Vinge's 'True Names' before he wrote Neuromancer.


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> Patterns in confusing explanations.

NOTE: Pattern #13 'What without Why' describes the reason I believe command line utilities should provide a '--explain' argument to expand on the results of '--help'.

It occurs to me the difference between melodrama and drama is the amount of time focused on people being upset versus the amount of time focused on them getting upset and doing something about it.

In this, melodrama is more like real life.


By ‘Writing Epiphanies’ I mean epiphanies about writing, not writing about epiphanies. To explain what I mean, I’m going to tell a story about an epiphany David Levine had.

I heard David talk about this epiphany many years ago at a writing retreat on the Washington coast where he gave a workshop session. This was long before David had won any major awards or sold a novel. What he said resonated with me deeply and I remember it quite clearly.


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MkDocs – Project documentation with Markdown.

MkDocs has really improved since the last time I looked at it. Nowadays it's more like a full-on site generator with extra features for code docs.

> The one where books is not really a good idea.

Breaking into (and remaining in once you get there) traditional publishing has ALWAYS been a problem for writers and the conglomeration of the market into two or three giant publishers has only made it worse.

The Internet promised to solve the problem, but Amazon broke it again. Publishing, especially fiction, is swirling around right now; it might find a new lease on life or it might get flushed. We don't know…

Harlan Ellison literary executor J. Michael Straczynski (yes, *that* J. Michael Straczynsk) is arranging publication of Ellison's uncompleted 'Last Dangerous Visions' short story collection and is opening up one short story slot for an unpublished writer.

The hitch? The submissions window will be open ONE DAY, April 30…

Got an edgy, challenging SFF short story with strong characters sitting around? You might stand a chance!

Why isn't there more fanfiction or fanart set in Ian Banks' 'Culture' universe?

For example,'s Bank's page is completely empty:

Others have asked the question:

Mind you, there is some, for example:

"Never be the main character."

Saw this on the birdsite and thought, "Yeah… Not good."

"Writing advice: Read and reread. Think of a story you have never read but wish you had; then write it as carefully as you can. Finish it, and send it around till it's published." – Samuel R. Delany on

The Theory of Narrative Selection.

Fascinating essay about memes and stories; delving not just their transmission between people, but how the process works.

"Here I will look at stories as if they were biological organisms. Stories can’t reproduce themselves; they rely on humans for their survival and reproduction. In that sense, stories are symbiotic (or perhaps parasitic) in their relationship with humans."

Authors Guild releases grim 50-page report on “The Profession of the Author in the 21st Century”

"Half of full-time authors earn less than the federal poverty level of $12,488. Literary authors are the hardest hit, experiencing a 46% drop in their book-related income in just five years."

So … you want to be a writer, do you?

Cascade Writers is holding a 3-day Milford style workshop in Bremerton next July. Price goes up Feb 1 and there's a scholarship available for those who can't afford it.

Attn: and peeps.

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