> The Drug War’s Deepest Failure: Making Users the Enemy. motherjones.com/media/2021/09/

I'm convinced the last fifty years of drug policy in the USA (and worldwide, mostly) was not only a horrible failure, but doomed to be a horrible failure because it failed to acknowledge WHAT DRUGS ACTUALLY ARE.

I'm not just talking about the hypocrisy of cigar-smoking, hard-drinking legislators criminalizing SOME DRUGS. Or lumping in low-harm drugs like marijuana in with opiates.


Frankly, considering the fact human beings are involved in every step of the process, it's amazing society and government work at all.

> The Brain Doesn’t Think the Way You Think It Does. Familiar categories of mental functions such as perception, memory and attention reflect our experience of ourselves, but they are misleading about how the brain works. More revealing approaches are emerging. quantamagazine.org/mental-phen

There's a VERY interesting discussion about infrastructure, how much governments should be involved, and the role of human rights in this orangesite post. Even if you never read TFA.

> Human Rights Are Not a Bug – news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

My main takeaway is: there are tradeoffs and some of those tradeoffs appear in the form of government involvement to ensure human rights – yet grant the government MORE power to trample human rights.

It involves the , so it's complex…

> Patterns in confusing explanations. jvns.ca/blog/confusing-explana

NOTE: Pattern #13 'What without Why' describes the reason I believe command line utilities should provide a '--explain' argument to expand on the results of '--help'.

More support for my theory human consciousness is powered by narrative.

> This is why we can't remember our early childhood memories. cnn.com/2021/08/13/health/chil

> [Edsger W. Dijkstra] “Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.”

Optimism requires the certainty of ignorance. It cannot be sustained when you grasp the true extent of a problem.

What's the Nature -vs- Nurture argument on people who are total and complete assholes? Are they 'born' or 'made'?

Much of the language we use for emotions assumes they are absolutes. As if they are either wholly there or they are not there at all; with little room for graduations of feelings or halfheartedness.

But love and trust and their opposites are not binary. Desire may have greater and lesser values depending on the person or the place or the time or how much you've drank. Bright happiness slowly dims into dark depression.

Speak of emotions like colors, with tint and saturation.

Do people in other countries hate reading instructions in AI-translated American English as much as I hate reading instructions mechanically translated from their language?

Most people seem to see politics, culture, and the world in terms of black and white. Good and evil. Binary.

Some are more aware of the real complexities of the human soul. They see shades of gray. They understand good people sometimes do bad things and bad people can do good things. Non-binary, yet still one dimensional and overly simplistic.


Perhaps it's just age and the weight of all my unfinished dreams, but I think I finally understand why some people arrange to have all their papers burned when they die.

Seen on Hacker News: "Occam's razor is a variant of confirmation bias."

Yeah, pretty much.

> Programmers, Teach Non-Geeks The True Cost of Interruptions. daedtech.com/programmers-teach

So true! can be like juggling a hundred balls at once and it takes a while to get them all in the air. When interrupted you drop all those balls and have to start over.

Not to mention the heart attack you have when you are deep in a debugging session and someone comes up and taps you on the shoulder because you were so focused you didn't hear them calling your name.

Most days I can barely hold it together. Hopefully you are too busy pretending you are on top of things to notice.

> What Did Ancient Languages Sound Like? antigonejournal.com/2021/07/wh

> How exactly do we know what ancient languages sounded like? We have no audio recordings after all. The question is not so simple. Consider what English sounds like. Not only did it sound different in the 16th century than it does today, but it sounds different in New Zealand than it does in Ireland, and different in Brooklyn than in Atlanta or almost any other US city.

Nihilism is nothing more than pseudo-intellectual wanking allowing its practitioners the illusion they are better than anyone else because they don't give a shit.

Which, of course, doesn't compute at all. There is no direct through line between 'nothing matters' and 'I'm better than you'. The two ideas are completely orthogonal.

Sometimes I think I'm on the edge of understanding something fundamental about the universe. Something new and mind-blowing and sure to catch on.

Then I remind myself of my past track record in that area…

The purpose of tactics is producing the best possible outcome from a particular situation.

The purpose of strategy is managing the situation to allow the widest possible array of tactics.

Think strategically. Act tactically.

If you are merely reacting without a plan? You are doing neither.

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