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> Casu marzu: The world's 'most dangerous' cheese.

> "The maggot infestation is the spell and delight of this cheese," says Paolo Solinas …

I know I'm a little late to this party, but I tried an 'Impossible Burger' for the first time tonight.

I made a capris salad and home fries with my air fryer to go with it. Since the patty came frozen in a package I also cooked a regular frozen hamburger patty for comparison. Both were cooked for the same length of time on one of those 'george foreman' style grills and I ate both with a slice of sharp cheddar, ketchup, and mustard.



Things I've mixed with plain old Tomato Soup, which transform it from a mundane sandwich side into a quick and surprisingly tasty full meal:

* Canned Mini Ravioli

* Canned or leftover Corned Beef Hash

* Leftover Taco Meat and Tortilla Chips

* Leftover Spaghetti

I'm sure there's more possibilities I haven't yet plumbed…

When you are poking around inside your freezer, looking for something you want to make for dinner, and a frozen pizza falls out and the wrapping splits open and now you're having pizza for dinner.

[About Wasabi]

1. It's pronounced wa-sabi, not waSA-bee

2. Almost all the wasabi available in the USA and Europe is fake, made with horseradish and food coloring

3. Wasabi has been researched as a fire alarm for the deaf, "One deaf subject participating in a test of the prototype awoke within 10 seconds of wasabi vapor sprayed into his sleeping chamber."

4. You can eat the leaves, "… but a common side effect is diarrhea."

Loaded the Instapot with dry mixed beans, onions, celery, garlic, carrots, peppers, and lots of spices. For the broth I used water and 32 ounces of the concentrated ham broth I made with the Instapot after Christmas.

This is an experiment. There is some chance the beans will not be fully cooked, in which case I'll switch it to 'slow cooker' mode and cook more overnight.

But, if the 'pressure cooker' mode can take dry beans to tender in four hours? Gold! I'll be making beans more often.

Last week I got an email out of the blue indicating the purchase had gone through and was being shipped. WTF?

I was confused, but decided not to raise hell with them for charging my credit card nearly two months after the original purchase. I mean, I did still want it.

It arrived yesterday and today I tried it out by making some pulled chicken from thighs I had in the freezer. Worked pretty well, so now I am making chicken stock with the leftover bones and skin and added spices.


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Note: The air fryer burrito trick also works with frozen egg rolls and, I imagine, other microwaveable versions of fried or toasted foods.

Forex, I haven't tried making frozen corn dogs with one yet, but I'll bet the result would be far more palatable than straight out of the microwave.

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Tonight's dinner was one of those, "What can I make different than usual with what's in the fridge," meals: gyro salad.

I didn't have pita bread, but I did have seasoned chicken meatballs and chopped salad mix – to which I added thin-sliced onion and cut-up sweet peppers. Topped it with sriracha and tzatziki sauce and ate it from a bowl.

And, yeah, I did just happen to have tzatziki sauce despite not having pita bread. Funny story about that…

Dinner tonight was super tasty *and* super easy. I made rice with peas in the rice cooker and broiled cut up dinner sausage with BBQ sauce in the hot-air fryer.

(At max temp so I could get some Maillard reaction going.)

Then dump the sausage on top of a bowl of rice and peas. Yum!

To use, make a concentrate with 1/4 cup of the cherry vitamin water mix to 2 quarts water and keep it in the fridge.

Fill a cup or water bottle to a little less than 1/4 full with the concentrate and dilute by topping it off with water. (Or with water and fruit juice if you want more flavor.)

Low calorie. High in antioxidants. Healthier to sip on than a soda or even a glass of water. And far, far cheaper than buying commercial vitamin water.

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Tonight's dinner is a guilty pleasure: Ravioli Soup.

I invented it years ago when I was a single father without much time and sometimes had to feed two picky daughters. Basically it's a can of condensed tomato soup and another of canned raviolis, made with half a can of water and topped with cheese. (For adult tastes I add seasoning salt, copious black pepper, and hot sauce.)

It might not be super nutritious, but it's easy to make and tastes FAR better than the ingredients should allow.

Nuts! Today I discovered

And, really, it's lots more than nuts. Basically it's pretty much every kind of shelf-stable . But that's not what makes it great. Nor are the prices.

No, what made me sit up and take notice is the website. Discoverability done right! you don't need to craft weird search strings to narrow down the results for the one thing you are looking for. And, if you are just browsing, you can easily find things you didn't even know you wanted.


Dick’s Drive-In is launching a Truck?

On the one hand? Cool! 'Bout damn time too. On the other hand, I don't think they'll get out my way.

On the gripping hand, they are doing online voting to determine where it will go first. So, everyone, vote for Darrington!

Today I made use-up-stuff-in-the-refrigerator-before-it goes-bad chicken vindaloo.

It started out as a regular curry, but based on what I had it ended up with more tomatoes and peppers than an ordinary-style curry. So I went ahead and cut up a lemon and a lime, squeezed them into the pot, and then dropped in the skins along with a can of Rotel.

For vindaloo I still need to add some cloves, but then I'm mostly done.

Filled a large crockpot with it. Dinner tonight and freeze the rest.

Rice Cooker Recipes.

These mostly look pretty good. I'm going to try a couple of them, I think.

I've got two crockpots going today. One with chicken and bean soup and one with just a mess of chicken, onions, garlic and spices.

The soup is for dinner and freezing. The chicken-only is for breaking into meal-sized portions and freezing. I can use the cooked chicken in all kinds of quick dishes, including just putting it in a wrap with salad makings.

Didn't use a recipe for either, just chopped stuff up and dumped it in.

Opened a bar of Nordi chocolate from Finland I bought a while back. It's supposed to be 'Hazelnut and Campfire Coffee' flavored.

And, yeah, it's pretty much all of that. Not bad, but I can even taste the campfire part.

Made cole slaw tonight. Cole slaw is one of those foods I don't like buying prepared because (a) it isn't hard to make yet (b) they usually do it wrong.

Here's my recipe for one large serving:

* 1 to 1.5 cups shredded cabbage (carrots optional)

* 0.5 tsp sugar (can be artificial sweetener)

* 1 tsp white vinegar

* 1.5 tsp Salad Dressing (not mayonnaise)

* Small cuts of fresh, dried or canned fruit–to taste (pineapple bits are good, I like dried cherries)

Scale up for more servings.

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