I've been using my new Thelio, outside of work stuff, exclusively for the past week, trying to retrain my keyboard and UI habits and trying out apps to replace (or add) to the functionality I had on my old Mac Pro.

In most ways it's been, "So far, so good." However, I've come across a few warts and annoyances.

And most of those warts and annoyances come down to one thing: Linux GUI apps are badly designed from a usability perspective.


All this enthusiasm for running emulators of old mainframes and minicomputers has me shaking my head.

I got paid to work on those PITAs back in the day and I didn't like them then – even with the paycheck. Why would I want to do it now for fun?

"Oh yeah! Let's write some JCL to access stripes on a hard disk where you don't know the sector size!"

SteamDeck arrived today. Still setting it up; for some reason setting the wifi password was a real challenge.

I already do not like the onscreen keyboard. And the lack of more than one USB C port means I can't hook up a real keyboard and still power it without a USB C hub – something I do not own.

> KAT WALK C 2. KAT Walk C 2 is a 2ND-Generation Personal Treadmill. kat-vr.com/products/kat-walk-c

I don't like this design much, but it is omnidirectional.

I already own a traditional motorized treadmill controllable via a serial port. I'm planning on hacking that.

Turn-key Hypervisor – no need to fiddle around installing a Dom0 Kernel.

> XCP-ng – Based on XenServer, XCP-ng is the result of massive cooperation between individuals and companies, to deliver a product without limits. No restrictions on features and every bit available on GitHub! xcp-ng.org/

System76 is holding a sale right now, plus their video card prices are finally dropping. Due to this I just dropped four grand on a System 76 Thelio Mira loaded up with top-of-the-line AMD CPU and GPU.

I only signed up for a year with my current company and that's over soon, so I'm planning my next software development adventure. I wanted something I could do by my lonesome, is open source, and is exciting…

So I'm going into tool development!


Finally got my purchase notice for a . Yes, I'm buying it for gaming. I'll also try using it with a keyboard and monitor and (though it's under-powered) with a VR headset.

But I'm also looking at using it in a way some of you might find interesting: Configure it as a portable app-host and access it from a Chromebook on the road or from my desktop at home.

The idea is to run an X-server on the Chromebook and the apps (and a webserver) on the SteamDeck.

> Retrotechtacular: The IBM System/360 Remembered. hackaday.com/2022/05/13/retrot

I worked on an IBM 390 (which had multiple 360s as ancillary processors) back in the 1980s. COBOL, BALR (assembly), C, and JCL (Job Control Language).

In Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world terms it was a 'Legendary Beast'. The whole thing filled a room bigger than most high school gymnasiums – not counting the tape storage vault.

> XMPP, A Comeback Story: A 20 Year Old Messaging Protocol For Robust, Private and Decentralized Communications. Everyone loves a comeback story. Can a 20 year old overlooked technology make a comeback as a completely decentralized, free, and scalable technology for the growing masses of people who value freedom and privacy? takebackourtech.org/xmpp-comeb

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