When you're wondering if you should do business with a company, so you type in the URL from the flyer and the URL redirects to a Facebook page and you go NOPE.

When you stop reading an opinion article, not because you disagree but because you dislike truth shading and false equivalence no matter who is doing it.

When you stop reading the comments, 'cuz it's all people schooling an OP about User Demographics and you wanted to read people's thoughts on the original topic.

When you see a headline along the lines of, "What [name]'s Real Problem Is," and you think, "So, basically, you published a three-thousand word article going into details (with examples) about how this person is an asshole, without ever using the word 'asshole'. Right?"

When the biggest news is rich and entitled people complaining about other rich and entitled people being mean to them.

Wow! Biden's going to have the Neanderthals all over his ass for that racially insensitive quip.

As of today, I'm leaning towards labeling those who eschew a reality-based worldview for conspiracy theories and quack remedies as 'mentally ill'.

Damn! Google just released a project with the same name as one of my background projects.

There is a direct connection between having a reductionist view of a complex world and believing a demagogue's lies or the tenets of a conspiracy theory. The problem isn't so much ignorance as it is an unwillingness to engage reality; an intellectual laziness that delegates the formation of your opinions to another.

Mind you, ignorance certainly helps…

Is it just me? Or is anyone else getting really angry at people who claim 'significant evidence' of something, without EVER SHOWING ANY EVIDENCE THAT ISN'T OBVIOUS BULLSHIT? Or showing any at all, for that matter?

And, no, what kicked off this rant wasn't related to vote fraud claims.

Looking forward to all those lovely GPUs coming on the market after the cryptocurrency crash.

One thing new about modern comedy? The sound of a phone camera taking a picture during an embarrassing scene is now a beat.

Warning your opponents that extraordinary measures to deal with an unprecedented problem will establish a 'dangerous precedent' for the future is a perfect example of relying on FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) when you really don't have a rational basis to support your position.

Want to know something that REALLY pisses me off? Torques my jaw so hard I could crack walnuts just looking at them?

I don't get to wear Hawaiian shirts anymore. Those fuckers ruined something I've enjoyed and collected for two generations.

It's rather amazing just how cranky call-center people get if you refuse to let them stick to their script.

'Release the Kraken?'

More like, "Let the brainworms out where people can see them crawl down the side of your face.'