NASA’s X-59 QueSST Airplane Takes Shape at Lockheed Skunkworks.

"NASA’s X-59 QueSST (short for Quiet SuperSonic Technology) is an experimental piloted aircraft designed to fly faster than sound without producing the annoying – if not alarming – sonic booms of previous supersonic aircraft."

Here's an even older one of mine: Asphalt Blues (take 2)

Also Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licesed ( ) with a 'No Nazis' clause.

Bonehead Blues (take 1)

Trying out the new audio feature of Mastodon. This is an old recording of mine where I was playing around with a new set up. Just kind of jamming on a warmup I liked to do at the time, which I have since expanded on.

So there I am reading an article about archeology on megastructures in eastern Europe, as you do, and I come across the quote in the attached picture.

This is supposition on the part of the scientists, of course, but I find it incredibly interesting. Instructive, in fact, when we look at the political struggles going on in our Democracies today.

And I am asking: does the human tendency towards centralization of power carry the seeds of its own destruction?

The National Service is predicting early snow here in the Cascades this weekend. However, they are saying it will happen above 4000 feet, so not a concern for me.

Politics, Elections 

I mean, seriously, 'based on my recent activity'?

My only recent activity on Linkedin was changing my employment status to 'retired'. What do they think retired people do? Spend their days seeing who wants to hire them and laugh?

This morning I made some progress on a programming project. This afternoon I built a PoC of a covered firewood rack module.

Since this was the first one it took all afternoon because I was figuring things out as I went. There's still a few tweaks I want to make to the design, but this looks like it will work.

Next I'll set it up and load it with firewood. If it seems sturdy enough I'll build three more modules and hook them together.

Another brand-bend: Star Bacchus Coffee.

"A Grande hazelnut vanilla almond caramel extra whip caramel sauce rhumba chip chocolate cream Foamaccino with an extra shot."

Mx Burger. (More weird brand-bending from .)

Note the clown's Asian features and the bat-makeup for the mouth.


Cellphone, so not a great picture, but here is eleven eagles circling in the same thermal.

Just seated for the closing ceremony. The convention is basically a wrap; nothing left but the Dead Dog party!

The best novelette is If at First You Don't Succeed Try Again by Zen Cho.

The best short story is sa Witches Guide to Escape by Alex E. Harrow.

The best dramatic presentation, long form is Spider-Man, into the Spider-Verse.

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