This picture is one for the 'weird shit I saw on an ' files. See this list of Fake Brands in Anime for more:

I generally love the way Anime screws with brand identities, but 'Dr. Vinegar' is one of the best ever. The way it says whoever came up with it kind of got that 'pepper' is sort of in the same class of things as 'vinegar' but didn't quite get that, in the underlying brand's case, it meant 'pepping up'.

This is a template for an email I've started sending to websites who complain about my 'ad blocker' and/or won't let me continue reading because I run a tracker blocker.

Politics, Mueller Report 

Evidence of Life on ?

Interesting study. Looks like our rovers may already have found evidence of life on Mars. Some of it even growing on the rovers!

Tonight's Meh is Emoji Pillows. Yes, the collection includes a poop pillow.

I don't know how to feel about this, other than, 'Meh…'

It is Sunday, March 17. The outside temperature got to 70f.

This is what my driveway still looks like.

Stentor Danielson creates Tolkien style maps of real places and sells them on Etsy. For example, this fantasy map of Washington State.

And here's an hour later, zoomed out a little so you can see where the only inhabited area of Western Washington getting snow is. (Hint: my place is under one of the dark-blue spots.)

The thing about living in a Thomas Kinkade painting they don't tell you is: the people in the house are worried about their roof collapsing because of all that snow.

Decided to see if I could drive into town. Made it there and back, but the roads are pretty bad.

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