Just got a beg email from asking me to contact the FCC to help them in a fight they have going over radio spectrum with Dish. I suspect they are shading the truth a bit…

> A cautionary tale for all my colleagues in the
Amateur SupraPhysical Experimentation Group!. yoyodynemonkeyworks.org/?p=506

> As we all know, teleportation of probes of through greater than line-of-sight distances using nonresolved lat-lon coordinates has always been problematic, resulting in chronic processor failure > 90% and structural delamination of the actual probe encapsulator…

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Ever think about how loaded the MAGA scene is with hucksters, scammers, and straight out con artists?

Sure, there's those kinds of people everywhere and involved with damn near everything. But I think MAGAism's a perfect storm of hate and lies and people who actually WANT to be lied to.

As a result it's became a herring ball of stupid, attracting predators of every stripe and kind.

This orangesite discussion made me LoL…

And, I agree with matthewmacleod; it is a very base-10 mindset.

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2. There's no such fucking thing as a 'middle point' in politics! I've been saying this for a long time, but even the old 'political compass' providing two dimensions of political thought is insufficient to describe people's actual political positions – and I could write a LONG essay on why and how the USA political system was deliberately constricted into a single dimension of left/right because it benefited extant parties


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The evidence Trump's people (and, therefore, Trump himself) knew the vote fraud claims were BS is piling up.

They knew what they were doing and they knew it was damaging to the Republic. But they pushed ahead anyway, even over the opposition of their own allies.

> What the Meadows texts reveal about how two Trump congressional allies lobbied the White House to overturn the election. cnn.com/2022/04/15/politics/mi

> The texts themselves: cnn.com/2022/04/15/politics/re

If you are a Realist, there are three truisms that define the Universe. Learn them well and structure your choices and responses accordingly.

Otherwise life will disappoint you constantly…

1. Sturgeon's Law: "Ninety percent of everything is crap." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturgeon

2. Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murphy%2

3. Hofstadter's Law: "It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hofstadt

FYI: I have an email text template I send to websites when they complain about my 'ad blocker', which explains the difference and tells them I would happily view ads if they hosted them locally.

Image attached…

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> The other thing I did was figure out how to use the ‘coffee maker’ in my apartment by doing some googling. Turns out, that style of coffee maker is called a ‘Coffee Sock’. Of course it is. I mean, just look at it!

> And it makes pretty fair coffee, is easy to clean up, and I’ll bet I could make one myself with some muslin cloth and wire coat hangers. I might have to add one to my collection of coffee paraphernalia when I get home.


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