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Got the snow blowing done. And I'm loving the new snow blower; I've completely cleaned my long driveway and put in paths everywhere I need to go.

Dog got to play in the snow a bit too. I'm taking a break now before I tackle the next set of chores.

In the fall of 2018 I picked grapes for a full day at a cow-orker's vinyard, then made them into just under seven gallons of wine. A few weeks ago I bottled the results and am giving some bottles to friends and family for Christmas. This is the label I made for them.

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Here's the same phone NIB on Ebay for $25. So I'm guessing mine's not worth oodles, but I got it for a hell of a lot less than that so I'm ahead.

If I do mod this thing, what should I do? I do have an actual use case for it, no mods, as a telephone.

Here's a cheap auction find.

I'm trying to decide if I should use it as-is (I still have a land line because cell doesn't work out here) or mod it with a or something similar.

If I do mod it I'll likely destroy any collectable value. But I don't care about that much unless it's worth oodles.

As of this morning there are still six rivers at flood stage in Western Washington.

* Stillaguamish (near me)

* Snohomish

* Snoqualimie

* Skokomish

* Chehalis

Remember to light a fire (or at least a candle) and dance around it at 8:30 tonight. We want the days to start getting longer, so we all have to do our part.

While I like how Rondelé's crumbly texture shows it's not just industrial strength creme cheese with flavorings, that very same crumblyness makes it really hard to spread on a bagel. Not to mention messy to eat.

Rainfall totals for the last forty-eight hours. My area got nearly EIGHT inches!

This is the current weather radar for Western Washington. Definitely looks like we can count on it continuing to pour for a while.

According to this NWS map, my area got nearly 4 inches of rain in the last 24 hours alone.

This will be the first Christmas in nearly ninety years without Gahan Wilson.

And, yes, commentary about the tone of the article is there on the talk page.

Why in the fuck is Northrop Grumman paying Twitter to show me videos about military drones?


I'll admit I've been making an effort to mess with Twitter's data collection and targeting algorithms, but I have absolutely no idea how it could have manifested like this. Clearly:

1. Twitters ad-targeting algorithms are seriously buggy

2. Northrop Grumman is wasting money

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