But when I dug a little deeper I found this little notice indicating death counts for the last three days might be undercounted. Dang.

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"For the first time in history the PNW's famous ability to isolate and shun our fellow beings has worked in our favor. Covid-19, meet the Freeze."

I'm grumpy about public innumeracy again. Twitter is full of graphs like the attached pic and it's pissing me off!

Firstly, confirmed case counts are MEANINGLESS because each country is doing different levels and types of testing.

The closest thing we have to a reliable number is deaths. And even there some countries are deliberately under-reporting.

(Note: Mastodon let's me mark media as 'sensitive', but not as 'stupid'.)

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Re-upping my hand-washing poster for SF fans. Feel free to re-use.

Related, this birsite thread is pretty scary. But I can't verify it's veracity and the local media isn't reporting this yet. twitter.com/scott_mintzer/stat

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Latest stats for the State of Washington. doh.wa.gov/emergencies/coronav

TL;DR 769 tested positive out of 9451 tested, meaning 92% were negative. (Which includes a friend of mine.)

See pic for confirmed cases by age.

There are 42 dead, a known cases mortality rate of 5.4%. (Actual cases probably FAR exceed known cases, so this number may be high.)

Almost all the activity is in King and Snohomish counties right now, but that statistic will soon be relative to population.

One section of the article caught my eye, because I wasn't aware if the difference between reactions and results between Philadelphia and St. Louis in the 1918 flu epidemic.

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Update on Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) and : they have changed their minds and decided to postpone until next summer; effectively cancelling the event. twitter.com/emeraldcitycon/sta

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In today's news, 's Emerald City Comic Con is going forward and 100,000 people from all over the country will be flying into the biggest US infection hot-spot.

The company behind ECCC is offering ticket refunds to anyone unwilling to risk it. But I feel certain the money involved (literally tens of millions) played a strong hand in deciding to not cancel. (And in craven politicians not forcing the issue.)

I have a small collection of odd refrigerator magnets. Some are small plushies of real and fictional people, like Einstein, Sherlock Holmes, and Freud.

While going through a box of odds and ends I came across Freud's accessory: a plushie couch.

Paranoia: what if Trump WANTS a pandemic so he can declare a national emergency and cancel the next elections?

Rationality: no way, he'd have to totally gut and handicap the relevant agencies, then lie about the seriousness of the situation while it deteriorates

Keanu Reeves:

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