> The other thing I did was figure out how to use the ‘coffee maker’ in my apartment by doing some googling. Turns out, that style of coffee maker is called a ‘Coffee Sock’. Of course it is. I mean, just look at it!

> And it makes pretty fair coffee, is easy to clean up, and I’ll bet I could make one myself with some muslin cloth and wire coat hangers. I might have to add one to my collection of coffee paraphernalia when I get home.


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I think maybe that post requires a palate cleanser…

Here's a kitten riding a unicorn!

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Optimism requires the certainty of ignorance. It cannot be sustained when you grasp the true extent of a problem.

> Inside the War Between a UFO Influencer and Alien-Friendly Streaming Company
CHARISMATIC COLLAPSE? The UFO community has exploded in lawsuit drama invoking ‘Luciferianism,’ deep state villains and benevolent blue aliens.thedailybeast.com/ufo-communit

Holy fuck is there a lot of crazy happening here.

The TL;DR? A guy is suing an Internet streaming company at least partially because they are making up crazy shit based on the crazy shit he previously made up. But that doesn't cover the half of it!

Why are autoplay videos still a thing?

Seriously. For one thing, I have autoplay turned off in Firefox. (See screenshot.) Yet I still have video playing on websites, even in the background when the video isn't visible.

I suppose for most people this is a minor annoyance. For me it's literally stealing my money! I live in the middle of nowhere and have satellite Internet with bandwidth limits – if I exceed them I have to pay money to buy 'Data Tokens' for more bandwidth.


Today I built two different pallet garden shelves using nothing but pallets and scrap wood. Both quite sturdy.

It occurs to me they missed a trick when they made the 'The Prisoner' reboot a decade ago: The remake should have re-imagined The Village as a computer simulation game. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pris

That way 'Number Six' could shout out, "I am not an NPC!"

Of course, its' possible 'computer simulation' was what they had in mind, but the reboot flopped before they got to the reveal.

But I think would have been more fun – and provided FAR more plot possibilities – to make it explicit.

Local Craigslist (not bothering to link because it will go stale right away) has an ad for a complete solar power system mounted on a trailer.

This is a GREAT idea and one I wish I had thought of. By making the system mobile you can use it at home or take it camping or even bring it to disaster areas.

There could even be a monetization strategy here: make it available for rent to people who need temporary power somewhere, but don't want to run generators all the time.

Oh, and regarding savory doughnuts – yes I know about the bacon-maple bar from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland. voodoodoughnut.com/

But that's basically your bog-standard maple bar with a strip of bacon on it. Delicious, yes, but not really savory.

Besides, bacon IS the candy of meats.

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My first post with the hashtag was one year and one week ago. I've tooted hundreds since then; as have many others.

It's quite amazing to me that, sometime in the next week, I'll be getting my second vaccine shot and the CDC just released guidelines for vaccinated people.

We aren't out of the woods yet, but it feels like the path is getting easier to follow. Still, with over half a million dead, untold others dealing with 'Long COVID', and entire states still in denial…

Spent all day tearing down an old Thelin Parlour pellet stove (mine looks like the red one in the pic) and putting it back together. Replaced some missing screws and cleaned sensors.

However, it still seems to be feeding the pellets too slowly. I replaced the fan motor a couple of days ago, now I guess I'm going to have to replace the pellet auger motor as well?

That sucks. Especially because the parts are ridiculously expensive.

To the good, the new screws have fixed some vibration noise.

And I'm only talking the US here. When you start looking at the worldwide totals the numbers become even more impossible to visualize. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19

The total number of deaths worldwide is more than two and a half million–two and one half GIGADEATHS–approaching the population of Kansas. Or, if you prefer, surpassing the population of Namibia.

If an asteroid struck and killed this many people all at once we would be beyond horrified.

Why should statistics on a chart affect us less?

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Ten months ago the US death count hit 20,000. At the time I asked people to visualize the number in terms of a local outdoor music venue with that capacity. I wanted to give a visceral sense of scale to what is otherwise just a number. A statistic.


Well, here's a new number for you: 500,000. One half a million people dead. This time, instead of an amphitheater, imagine an entire city the size of Miami or Oakland.

An entire city, gone. An unimaginable disaster.

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