Politics, Trump, ‘Uncharacteristically Thin Crowd’. 

> Daily Mail Quietly Scrubs Article About Trump’s ‘Uncharacteristically Thin Crowd’. thedailybeast.com/daily-mail-q

Considering Trump's current and future popularity, there are two things I think we should consider:

1. Trump doesn't have supporters, he has fans

2. Trump fandom has reached saturation – he can lose them but he ain't getting many new ones



Politics, Trump, ‘Uncharacteristically Thin Crowd’. 

Seriously, at this point anyone who isn't already a Q-Ball or a common MAGAhat is either anti-Trump or is willing to hold their nose and vote Republican for some reason that overrides their dislike of Trump and his antics.

There's no new blood out there. Sides are chosen. Either you are a fan or you aren't, there's no one else left.

But there remain plenty of opportunities for Trump to slowly bleed away his current fandom.


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