Alex Jones 

When it comes to lawyers you generally get what you pay for. But, sometimes, you smell so bad the good lawyers want even more. And they might even tell you to, 'not lie during cross-examination'.

In those cases? You are better off to pay what they ask and toe the line. Of course, if you are Alex Jones, you pick the cheap incompetent lawyer and screw yourself instead.

> Alex Jones and His Lawyer Lost a Defamation Case. Their Legal Troubles Are Just Beginning.


Alex Jones 

But, the more pertinent question?

> Is Alex Jones Screwed? The man who chronicles Jones for a living watched the trial unfold in Austin. It wasn’t entirely what he expected.

I *want* Alex Jones to be screwed. I *want* him to face dire consequences for his reckless disregard for the truth as he used *deliberate* lies to inflame the passions of his audience for profit.

The man is a cancer on society.

Fuck. Alex. Jones.

With a telephone pole.


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