Politics, Forward Party 

Here's Andrew Yang's splinter party platform:

> Our platform. forwardparty.com/platform

Not a hell of a lot there. It's really about changing the way we do (some) elections. I'm on-board for these things as well; but I'm not sure if Forward is the way to get there. Plus I'm a bit leery of Yang as a leader.

That said, I think it's telling Ranked Choice voting and non-partisan primaries are *exactly* the things needed to boost smaller parties and fracture big ones.


Politics, Forward Party 

If you've read my previous toots on the subject of the USA's two party system you already know I'm a big proponent of breaking up and reforming the big parties along more rational lines–but I'm also a proponent of governing by coalition among smaller parties.

IOW I would like to see a situation where neither of the big parties have full control of the legislature; forcing them to form coalitions with smaller parties in order to govern.

This has downsides though.



Politics, Forward Party 

Among other things, it means:

1. The ruling party could change in-between elections if a smaller party switches allegiance

2. Some of these smaller parties might be really awful; with non-democratic and racist aims

But overall I think encouraging smaller parties focused on specific agendas will clarify politics and force the big parties to drop the pretenses they use to retain voters who might otherwise leave. (Although you could argue one of them already has.)


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