Cory Doctorow ( @pluralistic ) has a great thread that covers most of why I won't use digital music services, streaming or otherwise, and instead still buy CDs and rip them myself.

And I keep them. (I do discard the cases.) One day my kids will be looking at 8 fat CD albums weighing 20 pounds each and wondering what in the hell they are gonna do with them.

But it does mean I have a backup to my backups. Plus I can re-rip to a better format if I ever get the time.

@jackwilliambell @pluralistic I've noticed that the number of computers that can access CDs, while non-zero, is diminishing.

@jackwilliambell @pluralistic Good to know! Because I also have a pile of CDs, and I access the files through my self-hosted NextCloud instance. However, my computer doesn't have a DVD player anymore. so I haven't been able to get at the originals.

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