Cory Doctorow ( @pluralistic ) has a great thread that covers most of why I won't use digital music services, streaming or otherwise, and instead still buy CDs and rip them myself.

And I keep them. (I do discard the cases.) One day my kids will be looking at 8 fat CD albums weighing 20 pounds each and wondering what in the hell they are gonna do with them.

But it does mean I have a backup to my backups. Plus I can re-rip to a better format if I ever get the time.

Sad to discard the cases. That's half of the appeal of the physical copy.

@blackmore @pluralistic

They take up too much space when you've got more than a few hundred CDs.

I only toss the plastic jewel cases. I do keep the paper out of the cases and stuff them in the album pockets with the physical CD. So maybe that's what you mean?


Yeah, those are nice. But I'm already deep into the way I'm doing it. Plus I have an endemic lack of space because I keep too much shit around.

You should see my bookshelves…

@jackwilliambell @pluralistic I've noticed that the number of computers that can access CDs, while non-zero, is diminishing.

@jackwilliambell @pluralistic Good to know! Because I also have a pile of CDs, and I access the files through my self-hosted NextCloud instance. However, my computer doesn't have a DVD player anymore. so I haven't been able to get at the originals.

@jackwilliambell @pluralistic

I do the same, but I think Doctorow is a lunatic Communist.

@amerika @pluralistic

Personally I think Cory is not a lunatic and, if he has a clear ideology, it isn't communism in the strictest sense. (Source: Me. I've met Cory and talked at length with him a few times. Was first acquainted with him in the 90's before he published his first novel.)

I believe ideology of any form is a mental trap easily manipulated by bad actors. (See my toots on and .) And Cory is not that easily swayed by people telling him what he wants to hear.

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