> Sriracha shortage: What you need to know.

Sriracha shortage? Oh no!

I guess I'll be learning how to make my own Sriracha next…

Update: Or I could just go online and order a twelve-pack…

I mean, the stuff keeps pretty well, right? And I probably go through just under a bottle a month, so I only need a bit over a year of shelf life for that many – assuming I don't end up having to use some for barter or something if we go full apocalypse or whatever.

In any case, it looks like Sriracha prices have already gone up bigly – but I found the one seller who hasn't double the price for a bulk pack. Which is why I bought 12.

And, yes, you can call me a 'hot sauce hoarder' if you like. But I need mass quantities of Sriracha and Cholula to maintain a proper blood-capsicum ratio.

It's a health thing. I'm sure you understand…

@jackwilliambell Yes, not leaping off the toilet in the morning shouting 'Jesus what's happened to my arse?' is very bad for the health

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