More snow last night, maybe the worst yet. I'm dealing with all kinds of problems from it.

Previously there was about 18" of snow and I had plowed out trails to things and my driveway. With rain and warmer weather that compacted down to about 10" of ice and slush.

Last night's snowfall brought it back up to over 2 foot! And it's really wet, heavy snow as well.

Plus? Now it's warmed up and raining again…

So I fired up the snow blower and went back to work.


And the new wet snow was far more difficult to clear than the earlier, more powdery, snow. Even going over the old trails took longer than making the first time. It didn't help that in some areas the snow was deeper than the intake of the snow blower is tall (28").

It was a pain in the ass, but I was getting it done – until I finally made it to the end of my driveway. And there I ran into my second – and biggest – problem: A tree had come down across the road…



Now trees coming down are to be expected and the road crews – and sometimes regular people with a chain saw in their truck (not unusual up here) – cut them up and throw the chunks off the road.

Which is what happened at the end of my driveway.

Except they threw pieces of tree bigger than I can move by myself ACROSS THE FRONT OF MY DRIVEWAY!

Meaning I'm locked in. I can clear my driveway up almost to the end, but I can't get out.



So I called up the Washington State Department of Transportation to complain. Called, fully expecting to run into an impenetrable phone menu tree and a frustrating time getting through to a real human being able to do something about it.

Except it turned out to be a really nice customer service interaction. The phone number was answered by a real person who immediately connected me to the right person and that person was pleasant and happy to help.

So, kudos to the WA DOT!


Update: The WASDOT [correct acronym] snowplow came by and not only scooped the logs off the end of my driveway, they cleared it back away from the road a bit.

So, thanks WASDOT! I cleared off the rest of my driveway and now I can get in and out if I need to.

Of course, it took all day to get here; it's getting dark and I still need to haul in firewood. I had made plans to do other things, but sometimes the world gets in the way and says, "Nope. You are doing THIS today."

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