Politics, January 6 

It's the one-year anniversary of the day we've taken to calling 'Jan 6'. Biden made a speech. Trump was going to give a speech and then he wasn't. Dick Cheney wagged his finger. Two more participants in the insurrection were charged. Newsmedia everywhere ran special stories.

And nothing really changed.

But something occurs to me: As some have pointed out, Jan 6 would qualify under the law as an 'act of domestic terrorism' – and that could be very interesting.


Politics, January 6 

How interesting? Well, if it is an 'act of domestic terrorism' the Patriot Act applies… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_

Among other things, the Patriot Act allows secret warrants and investigations by the FBI. And THAT means you can't fight a subpoena you don't know about.

And THAT means the FBI may already have their hands on Trumpista communications currently shielded from Congressional investigation by the challenges slowly working their way through the courts.



Politics, January 6 

And THAT means it is entirely possible the FBI has already put together a case against the organizers of Jan 6 – possibly a case including Trump himself.

What THAT DOESN'T mean is we are going to see prosecutions under domestic terrorism charges. At least not prosecutions including Trump and other White House participants.

But we might get a couple of show trials, serving the purpose of making public that what is now secret. And THAT could change everything.


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