When the little nub has worn off your 'F' key and you have to look down before you start typing or it looks like *ghid*. ('this')

FWIW: I learned to touch-type in high school. I forget why I took the class – and back them 'typing' was something you did on a 'type-writer' – but it's a skill that has served me well my entire life.

I do remember I was one of three boys in the class. I've since learned there is no 'gendered work'. Only work those with more privilege push off onto those with less.

Context, in case someone born after 1990 needs it: Before computers were commonplace 'typing' was mostly 'woman's work'. Something done by secretaries and groups of women in 'typing pools'. Even early computer word-processing systems were mostly operated by women.

So, as a boy in the 1970's, learning to type in high school was rather unusual. I remember catching some flack for it – but then I was the 'weird kid' and got flack for EVERYTHING.

But, as I said, the skill has served me well…

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