I've been seeing some commenters stating that Omicron is 'the beginning of the end'. As if the latest variant is proof the virus is becoming less deadly, if more contagious.

The next variant (and there WILL BE a next variant) might be both more deadly and more contagious. Or it might be less of both. WE DON'T KNOW. And anyone who tells you differently, anyone who THINKS they know?

They are an idiot.



Moreover? There one truly frightening aspect of Omicron: it evades immunity protections better than previous variants. People who have been vaccinated and had previous breakthrough infections with the Delta variant are getting second breakthrough infections with Omicron.

Meaning the next variant might be more deadly, more contagious, AND more able to infect people with some level of immune protection.

It's not the 'beginning of the end' folks. We haven't even got to the middle yet.


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