Politics, Jan 6 Insurrection 

There are now two detailed reports about the D.C. National Guard deployment that day – and the second one calls the first an outright lie…

> 'Absolute liars': Ex-D.C. Guard official says generals lied to Congress about Jan. 6. In a 36-page memo to the Capitol riot committee, Col. Earl Matthews also slams the Pentagon's inspector general for what he calls an error-ridden report.


Politics, Jan 6 Insurrection 

A picture is emerging of DELIBERATE foot dragging and then lying about it. And, just to make it more fun? One of the foot draggers is Michael Flynn's brother…

Yea, that Mike Flynn.

No one is saying it yet, and it may not even be the case, but the insinuation is certainly there: The D.C. Guard was kept from responding until it was too late for political – not operational – reasons by Trumpista leadership who wanted the insurrection to succeed.

Politics, Jan 6 Insurrection 

Followup: It's looking like the Whitehouse knew the fix was in with the National Guard. We might have an actual honest-to-ghod conspiracy being uncovered here.

> Meadows said National Guard would be ready to 'protect pro Trump people' before Capitol insurrection, House investigators say.

Or maybe it's just more Trumpian incompetence?

> R.J. Hanlon: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

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