Update: After all that Brew informs me my old version of OSX is no longer supported and anything that goes wrong because of that is on me.

Uh… OK. I still ain't upgrading boyz. This is the last version of OSX I use before I give up on it entirely and just use Linux. (Or get hardcore and use BSD.)

OSX and I had a good run. Too bad Apple had to go and ruin the relationship.

- more stable
- works most smoothly with all peripherals (i.e. printers)
- best UI/UX for my use case
- best performance given hardware
- allows me to get work done
- least amount of user hostility

Not talking about Windows or MacOS. Just moved off of both those completely back to Linux (used to be my daily driver for almost 10 years, had to switch b/c reasons).

do it, it'll feel good!


I'm human and old. Therefore I'll be waiting until the pain of continuing to use an unsupported OS becomes more than the pain of switching. Not quite there yet, but I have reached my line in the sand.

All that's left is to step over…

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