Having a lazy morning. Woke up, made coffee, and watched a few episodes of an old favorite .

'Hidamari Sketch' isn't for everyone. It's one of those pure Iyashikei series, like 'Aria' or 'Non Non Biyori', where nothing really happens an no one is ever mean to someone else on purpose. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidamari

But it's also kind of, well, 'arty'. Which is appropriate, given 'Hidamari Sketch' is about girls going to an art school.


Personally I find it gives the episodes extra depth and enjoy trying to figure out what artistic influences certain scenes allude to. Yet I think some people might be put off when the visuals sort of drift off into impressionism or surrealism or cubism or whatnot.

Like all good Iyashikei, 'Hidamari Sketch' is really about the characters and their interactions. The main character, Yuno, is almost pure Moe; but the supporting characters are less stereotypical.



And, like 'K-On', there are many hints the girls are smarter and more self-aware than it seems on the surface; with some jokes including sly secondary or tertiary punchlines if you assume the characters are acting ditzy rather than being ditzy.

'Hidamari Sketch' is difficult to find in the US. No streaming service I know of has it and no current DVD releases; you have to pay through the nose on the used market. I own a Chinese full-series collection with odd subtitles. Still worth it!


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