Politics, Breaking Up is Hard to Do 

> A Surprising Share of Americans Wants to Break Up the Country. Here’s Why They’re Wrong. The deleterious effects of a breakup would be enormous. A disaggregated United States would be instantly less powerful. politico.com/news/magazine/202

This is absolutely nothing new. I remember people both sides pushing a breakup of the US along political lines from when I was a kid in the 1960s.

A couple of thoughts on that…



Politics, Breaking Up is Hard to Do 

First: I'm not so sure that reducing USA influence in the world is a bad thing. Whether or not we are the 'best of a bad lot', we've certainly commited our share of Colonialist atrocities and otherwise made black and brown people's lives measurably worse in places.

But also there's a certain appeal to the thought of breaking the parts of the US with good economies (nearly all Blue states) off from the rest. Let Texas carry the financial burden…


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