Hey folks: the fall seasonal colors will be at their peak in the mountains this weekend! It's a good time to take a drive through the forest whilst sipping your pumpkin-spiced chai latte.

Weather forecast is rain, which is too bad; but by the following weekend the leaves will be dropping.

Suggested routes…

* South Sound: Head up towards Mt. Rainier

* Seattle/Eastside/Everett: Highway 2 up and back or do the Highway 530/Highway 20 loop

* North Sound: Head up towards Mt Baker


Note: Any Fediverse folk who decide to come through Highway 530 for fall color viewing can drop me a line if you want to meet me in Darrington for a beer at our local nano-brewery. Or at the Birdsview brewery near Concrete.

Oh, and also: There's fresh snowfall frosting the tops of the hills; hopefully a portent of a good snow pack this winter. Something we badly need given the unprecedented melting of glaciers this summer.

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