I was in the US Air Force in the late 1970's. Height of the cold war. But that's not the story I'm telling here, just context.

My first posting was near Madrid Spain, a place called Torrejon – a 'TAC' base or 'Tactical Air Command'. So we had fighter jets. (Yeah, more context.)

Only not the new cool fighters hot off assembly lines. We had old-school F-4s. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnel

And the thing about F-4s was, they had something called a 'Door 22'. And that's the story I'm telling…


Door 22 was this hatch located on the underside of the F-4, centered between the wings. You opened it by pulling approximately 5,000 screws on three sides and the fourth side was hinged. (I might be exaggerating the number of screws you had to pull.)

With door 22 down you could stick your head up inside the guts of the aircraft and, right there, was every important system in it. Hydraulic lines, fuel lines and access to the main boost pumps, all the avionics except the black box shit.


Door 22 was the main access point for most repairs not requiring specialists. (Like the guys who pulled and replaced the black boxes. Who weren't really specialists, but did have special electronic warfare clearances.)

Anyway, today I was working on a big fifth wheel RV I bought, which I am planning to convert to be entirely off grid – gonna pull all the propane crap, put in a ton of batteries and a heat pump, and add solar cells.

What does that have to do with door 22?



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