Playing with two-lug 220v current today. (Wiring in an RV receptacle.)

This kind of thing makes me nervous as hell. It doesn't help that the last time I did this a pair of actual certified electricians (my daughter and a friend) helped me – and they were nervous as hell.

And this time I'm doing it on my own…

I guess the moral is: Don't trust an electrician who ISN'T nervous as hell when playing with 220 volts at 50 amps.

Update: Looks like I'll be coming back to this project later. The wire I was going to use is the wrong gauge for safety.

I guess I'll be driving down below to buy some more supplies instead.

Update: Finished the job today, without killing myself or burning down the garage.

Still was nervous as hell doing it, especially given it's pouring down rain today. But I have 50 amp 200v to the RV and everything works. On to the next project.

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