The national news is finally starting to acknowledge the truth: is no longer a 'pandemic' disease. It is now 'endemic' and there is will be no 'back to normal'.

> There's good and bad news about Covid-19.

> "Our world is never going back to pre-Covid "normal." The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can move forward."

> "… here is the biggest takeaway … Science matters. Community matters. And we are not the masters of the universe, after all."

And yet here is an article still using the term, 'endgame' while at the same time acknowledging the truth there is no 'endgame'. Bah…

> America needs to decide how much Covid-19 risk it will tolerate. A realistic Covid-19 endgame requires accepting some risk. The question is how much.


FWIW: At the start of the pandemic I was concerned, mostly because the disease and it's course were mostly unknown factors, but I was also cautiously optimistic we would be able to stamp it out; assuming we developed workable vaccines and reduced spread while waiting for those vaccines.

Now we have those vaccines and I feel only pessimism. The politicization of every aspect of good public health policy was bad enough. But the highly contagious Delta variant was even worse.

At this point I believe we'll see:

1. More than a million US citizens dead by the end of the year; untold millions worldwide

2. Continued stress on our health care system until more than 90% of the population is either vaccinated or has gotten the disease

3. An on-going death toll and increased social costs associated with an endemic, but deadly disease; likely for my grandchildren's' lifetime or longer

4. New, and entirely unpredictable, variants – possibly evading vaccines

5. No 'endgame'

Update: Another national news article facing the truth of 's endemic status, only the author isn't very happy about it.

> The Hardest Thing to Accept About COVID Right Now. Delta, more than maybe anything else during the pandemic, has been the final straw for me.

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