Made 'get crazy using up stuff in the freezer' pilaf tonight.

From the freezer: Chicken broth I made a while back, the last of a bag of frozen mixed veggies, and 2 chicken thighs.

From the spice shelf: Smoke seasoning, smoked paprika, dried chilis, and more. (Maybe a little too much of the smoke and the chilis and more?)

Everything into the rice cooker, along with two cups of long-grain white rice and a little extra water.

Result: Yum! (Maybe a bit spicy? Except I LIKE spicy.)


From this one quick and easy foray into seat-of-the-pants cooking I am getting three meals.

The first was tonight, a chicken thigh and some lovely, spicy, pilaf.

The second was another serving of the above, packed to freeze and eat later.

The third is some left-over spicy, smokey pilaf I am going to mix with ketchup and make into a weird American take on omurice tomorrow.

I talked about omurice here a while back, but apparently I didn't tag it with 'food', so I can't find it.


Update: I tried looking under the 'Japan' tag and still didn't find my omurice thread. But I did find this crazy story about alternate dimensional yakiniku:

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