De-cluttering again today. Came across a couple of boxes of VHS tapes – all commercial copies.

I got rid of my fansub collection years ago, once there was enough of an anime market in the US that the shows I wanted to watch were something I could find on a shelf somewhere.

I hung onto these, and some other VHS tapes, because I intended to digitalize them at some point. Not sure if I still want to do that, but I should see if there's a market for them.

And the answer is? Apparently there is a market for selected titles. You can find them on Etsy and Ebay. (Although most of the Ebay stuff looks like Disney films – which I have some of as well.)

I wonder if it's worth opening an Etsy store or just contacting someone who already has one and asking them to make an offer on the lot?

Anyone out there interested?

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