Outside temp has hit 100f and the air conditioner is losing ground.

Just put the dog in the shower and soaked her down. She was starting to pant a bit rapidly and acting clingy.

One of my grandsons is here. I just sent him down to the river to sit in the glacier-melt water. That's the thing about Cascade Range rivers: the temperature is always *just* above freezing because, until recently, it probably *was* frozen.

Related: something that's been on my mind…

The glaciers in the mountains near here are all shrinking rapidly. And there's a good chance climate change will make most of them fully seasonal.

If that happens, does it mean the smaller rivers will start going dry in August? Because that's right at the beginning of the salmon runs and, effects on us humans entirely aside, it would be a disaster for salmon runs already down to a 10th of their historical size.

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